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adj. 生硬的;突然的;唐突的;陡峭的
abrupt - 突然的,陡峭的,意外的
abrupt junction - 突变结,阶跃结,陡接面
abrupt change - 突然变化,突变,陡变
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突然的 / 意外的 / 粗鲁的 / 生硬的
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突然的; 鲁莽的; 意外的; 陡峭的
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  • 他的拂袖而去必然会招来很多疑问。
    His abrupt departure is bound to raise questions.
  • 从事故场景到医院场景的切换似乎太突然了。
    The cut from the accident scene to the hospital seemed too abrupt.
  • 艾德举止粗鲁。
    Ade has an abrupt manner.
  • 他的粗率无礼的举止触怒了她。
    She was offended by his abrupt manner.
  • 突然停了下来;天气的突然变化。
    Came to an abrupt stop; an abrupt change in the weather.
  • 经济衰退让这幸福戛然而止。
    The recession brought an abrupt halt to this happiness
  • 随着叶利钦总统于2000年新年突然宣布辞职,俄罗斯的叶利钦时代结束了。
    The Yeltsin era ended with his abrupt resignation on New Year's Day2000.
  • 突发的行动会在你的亲戚中带来困难和问题。
    Abrupt action will cause difficulties with relatives.
  • 那个男人的突然出现几乎搅浑了这场晚会。
    The man's abrupt appearance almost spoiled the party.
  • 他无论跟谁说话都简单粗鲁。
    He talks to everyone in an abrupt manner.
  • 父母婚姻的破裂使得罗茜田园诗般美好的世界陡然画上了句号。
    Rosie's idyllic world came to an abrupt end when her parents 'marriage broke up
  • 恕我冒昧提出这些问题。
    Excuse me for my abrupt questions.
  • 公共汽车突然停下。
    The bus came to an abrupt stop.
  • 结局的出其不意和神秘性竟使许多读者困惑和烦恼。
    But the abrupt and cryptic nature of the ending has puzzled and annoyed many readers.
  • 抱歉他对你的态度如此强硬。
    I'm sorry he was so abrupt with you.
  • 马林斯突然改变话题,这让我措手不及。
    Mullins knocked me off-balance with his abrupt change of subject
  • 那辆汽车突然改变了方向。
    The car made an abrupt turn.
  • 会议突然结束了。
    The meeting came to an abrupt end.
  • 他面前突然出现一个陡峭的斜坡。
    An abrupt descent suddenly appeared before him.
  • 这条路到处都是急转弯,开汽车很危险。
    The road is full of abrupt [ sudden] turns and is dangerous for motoring.
  • 他的唐突已到了无礼的地步。
    He was abrupt to the point of rudeness
  • 这种动画很好,因为你从中看到的并不是一个唐突的球面。
    And this is kind of nice because you see it is not an abrupt spherical surface.
  • 对于这种突然变化的信念,在胚胎学上提出了强有力的反证。
    Against the belief in such abrupt changes, embryology enters a strong protest.
  • 国家建立了针对突发性自然灾害的应急体系和社会救助制度。
    The state has set up an emergency system and a social relief system to deal with abrupt natural disasters.
  • 您也可以找到司机会突然和人民将推动过去,你。
    You also find drivers will be abrupt and people will push past you.
  • 这条河在这里急转向西流去。
    Here the river takes an abrupt bend to the west.
  • 这条道路突然向西拐弯。
    The road takes an abrupt bend to the west.
  • 在地球的气候史中,经历了许多次气候突变事件。
    In the history of earth's climate, there were many abrupt climate change events.
  • 她鲁莽的态度让克罗斯感到有点吃惊。
    Cross was a little taken aback by her abrupt manner.