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abbr. 汽车协会(Automobile Association);嗜酒者互诫协会(Alcoholics Anonymous);瘾君子互诫协会(Addicts Anonymous);会计学准学士(Associate in Accounting)
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  • 其他的疗法包括12步促进法,此法帮助酒精问题患者采用类似“戒酒者协会”(AA)的自助疗程。
    Additional therapies include 12-Step facilitation approaches that assist those with drinking problems in using self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).
  • 这种情况有可能发生在所有种类的皮托管上。 但到了2009年的夏天,泰勒斯AA皮托管结冰的问题就已经是人尽皆知。
    This could happen to any kind of pitot probe, but by the summer of 2009, the problem of icing on the Thales AA was known to be especially common.
  • 有时候,如果你点击了另一个联营公司的话,AA上的注册信息会重复。 不过,通常我都会既收到回馈,又得到里程奖励。
    Sometimes the registration tracking to AA can be overwritten if you click to another affiliate, though I’ve always received both the rebate and the miles.
  • AA公司表示,欺诈性骗保案件数量也促成了汽车保费的陡涨。 而且近十年来,骗保案件以最快的速度增长。
    Fraudulent claims are also contributing to a steep rise in car insurance costs, which are growing at their fastest rate for nearly a decade, said the AA.
  • 积极的经济影响也助其城市信用评级从(A-/积极/--)提高到(AA+/稳定/--)的水平,标准普尔于1994年给出的评级。
    The positive economic impact helped lift the city's credit ratings to its current level (AA+/Stable/--) from the A-/Positive/-- rating that we assigned in 1994.
  • 在法航447航班失事前的几年里,泰勒斯AA皮托管一直存在其附着的水在一定气象条件下状态变化的问题。
    In the years leading up to the crash of Flight 447, the Thales AA was problematic in places where the meteorological conditions do funny things with water.
  • 大多数人对匿名戒酒协会(AA)并不陌生,但是除此之外还有很多12步疗法。
    Most people are Familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) but there are hundreds of other 12 step programs.
  • 我把它称为AA,它指A的两个分子,之间的相互作用。
    I'll call it AA, it's the interaction between two molecules of A.
  • 这些故障似乎并非是危险的直接信号,所以泰勒斯AA皮托管并没有从飞机上拆除。
    None of the failures seemed to signal an immediate danger, so the Thales AA was not removed from service.
  • AA保险公司的主管西蒙·道格拉斯说:“保险公司开始担心保费中的气候变化问题。
    Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said: "Insurers are beginning to reflect concerns about climate change in their premiums.