a number

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A number - 号码,主叫号码,一个数
a set number of - 一定数量的,固定数量的
A Large Number - 大量,大批,许多
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  • 在零钱罐的例子里,你要求每个参与者给出一个数字。
    In the penny jar example, you ask each participant for a number.
  • 它可以给予您无限地存储会话数据的能力,使您的会话数据不仅可以在重新启动后检索,还可以从群集中许多机器中的任意一个检索。
    It can give you the ability to store indefinitely your session data where it can be retrieved not only after a restart, but from any of a number of machines in a cluster.
  • 将要进行监视的每台计算机需要有标识符、表示非活动状态的字节数和检测到非活动状态时要运行的命令。
    Each machine to be monitored for inactivity needs to have an identifier, a number of bytes indicating inactivity, and a command to run when inactivity is detected.
  • 很多鸟在头顶上空盘旋。
    A number of birds are circling overhead.
  • 一种情况是可以发送一个混有数字的字符串来查看会发生什么情况。
    One is that you could send a number mixed in with the strings to see what happens.
  • 标签是程序员指定的一个数字,范围在 0 到 31 之间,用来标识一次传输或一组传输,这可以用来进行状态查询和序列化操作。
    The tag is a number designated by the programmer between 0 and 31 used to identify a transfer or for a group of transfers for status queries and sequencing operations.
  • 该演讲人对若干题目中的任一个都能即席发言。
    The speaker can extemporize on any of a number of subjects.
  • 我们用它作为主线,为每位家庭成员都分配一个分机号码,并使用其中一个号码来收发传真。
    We used one for our main line, each person in the family got a number, and we used one for fax.
  • 例如,我刚刚为一个顾客面试了一定数量的销售人员。
    For example, I just interviewed a number of salespeople for a client.
  • 我想跳进游泳池中,向那些40多岁有孩子的妇女展示,年龄仅仅是一个数字而已,你可以去那里并享受其中的乐趣 。
    I just want to go out there for those 40-something-year-olds and show that age is just a number and go out there and have fun.
  • 这些字符集代表了某种语言的字母或符号到数字的映射。
    These character sets represent mappings of a language letter or symbol to a number.
  • 它只保存一段数据:一个字符串、一个数字、未定义的值以及对另一个变量的引用。
    They hold only one piece of data: a string, a number, the undefined value, a reference to another variable.
  • 它必须和其他有相同想法的国家联合在一起,而这些国家会用“G(代表集团)+一个数字”称呼自己。
    It has to band together with other like-minded nations, who should then refer to themselves by a number prefixed with the letter G (standing for group).
  • 我们在这儿住了好些年了。
    We have lived here quite a number of years.
  • 在运动会上破了多项记录。
    A number of records fell during the sports meet.
  • 一旦你们在数字上达成协议,他们的董事会同意收购你们,他们就会结束交易。
    Once you agree on a number, and their board agrees to buy you, they will close the deal.
  • 无上限的权重是一个从 0 到 255 的数字,您可以为共享处理池中的每一个无上限分区设置它。
    Uncapped weight is a number in the range of 0 through 255 that you set for each uncapped partition in the shared processing pool.
  • 如果您存储的是数字或字符串等标量值,那么将返回这些内容。
    If you stored a scalar value like a number or string, then that is what will come back.
  • 然后哈希接受任何字符串或字母,单个字符,返回给我一个数字,注意我要做什么。
    And then hash character takes in any string or character, single character, gives me back a number. Notice what I do.
  • 您可以不同形式的数字具体说明这个路径,但是它对使用路径映射形式是很有利的。
    You can specify the path in a number of different formats but it is advantageous to use the pathmap format.
  • 如果是这样的话,那么您可要有许多操作要做。
    If so, there are a number of options you have.