You wake up early

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 你可能通过其它的习惯早睡早起。
    You can sleep and wake up early perfectly fine by changing other habits.
  • 我希望这么早没有吵到你。
    I hope I didn’t wake you up so early.
  • 那样的话你可以睡得一晚好觉,明儿可以起个大早。
    That way you can get a good night's rest and wake up early tomorrow.
  • 我起色这么早没有吵到你。
    I hope I didnhat wake you up so early.
  • 向某人保证你会早点起来,这样,当你第一次醒来时,你脑子里想到的第一件事就是它,就不会选择重睡一次。
    promise someone you will wake up early, that way its the first thing on your mind when you first wake up and going back to sleep isn’t an option.
  • 妳昨天什麽时候醒来的?很早吗?
    What time did you wake up yesterday? Was it early?
  • 早晨早点出门的话,在达卡街头就能看到赶去工厂上班的年轻妇女们衣着鲜艳的身影。
    Wake up early enough in Dhaka and you can see the factory workers – colourful lines of young women walking along the footpaths.
  • 举个例子,如果你每天晚期,设闹钟让自己早起一些。
    For example, if you wake up very late, set an alarm to wake up early.
  • 那你每天要很早起床吧?
    So you have to wake up every morning very early?
  • 我但愿这么早没有吵到你。
    I hope I didnwit wake you up so early.
  • 好了,一大早把我们吵醒有什么好消息啊?
    So, what's the big news you had us wake up so early for?
  • 我期望这么早没有吵到你。
    I hope I don't wake you up so early.
  • 其实你也回来睡觉,但醒来后便人去屋空。
    You are literally home to sleep and wake up early to do it all over again.
  • 这也快因为你可以避免所有的交通道路上,清晨的空气是新鲜的,它可以帮助你唤醒你的身体和大脑准备一个充实的一天!
    It is also fast because you can avoid all the traffic on the road. The air in early morning is fresh. It helps you wake up your body and brain to get ready for a productive day!
  • 比如说你总是想静下来思考:那就每天提前5分钟起来,深呼吸,然后冥想一下。
    Say you always wanted to meditate: wake up five minutes early for some deep breathing and visualization.
  • 想要早起,你就必须早点睡觉。
    To wake up early, (you must) go to bed early.
  • 如果你想去正规医院看病,那你就得起得相当早去排队等待。
    If you go to see a doctor in a pubilc hospital, you must wake up so early for line up.
  • 试用以上方法后,你会很快发现自己期待每天的早餐。
    Try the above steps and you will soon see yourself looking forward to breakfast everyday. You just got another aid to help you wake up early!
  • Randler建议说,你当然可以通过早睡来改变你的生物钟,另一种方法就是你醒来后,尽可能早地到户外暴露在日光中去。
    You can actually shift your daily alertness cycle by going to bed earlier, he suggests. Another way to gear up in the morning is to go outside into the daylight as early as possible after you wake up.
  • 你为什麽七早八早把我吵起来?。
    Why did you wake me up so early?
  • 我希望这么早没有吵到你。
    I hope I didn't wake you up too early.