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abbr. 南斯拉夫货币名称的缩写
n. (Yun)人名;(柬)云;(俄)尤恩
Yun - 云姓,南斯拉夫,攻扶抆
Wang Yun - 王赟,王允,王筠 (清朝女诗人)
Brother Yun - 云弟兄
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  • Lawrence Yun,NAR's(国家房地产经纪人协会的)首席经济专家说: “消费者理性的进入市场在税款减免结束的最后期限前。”
    "Consumers rationally jumped into the market before the deadline for the tax credit expired, " said Lawrence Yun, the NAR's chief economist.
  • “如果再进一步下滑,幅度很可能非常小,”NAR首席经济学家Lawrence Yun预期。
    "If there is any further decline at this point, it will probably be very marginal," predicted Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors, an industry
  • "成屋待完成销售要达到实质性增长,还有一段路要走." NAR首席经济学家Lawrence Yun称.
    "Pending home sales have a way to go for there to be a meaningful increase," said NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun.
  • Jong Won Yun和他的同事们指出,在世界范围内,肥胖症已经成为一个主要得公共健康问题,它会导致糖尿病、高血压、心脏疾病以及其他健康问题。
    Jong Won Yun and colleagues point out that obesity is a major public health threat worldwide, linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other health problems.
  • 全美不动产协会的首席经济学家Lawrence Yun对记者表示:"很多潜在的买房人似乎已从市场撤离,因股市挫跌且经济状况不断恶化."
    "Many potential home buyers appear to have withdrawn from the market due to the stock market collapse and deteriorating economic conditions," NAR chief economist said Lawrence Yun told reporters.
  • 动物园熊猫小组的负责人唐·林德伯格说,“白云”是周二下午1点15分在碎竹子搭成的窝中生下第一胎的。
    Bai Yun gave birth in a nest of shredded bamboo at 1:15 p.m. Tuesday, said Don Lindburg, head of the zoo's panda team.
  • 今年夏天的旅游季还没到,但是赵云的小组已经开始忙于设计旅游产品了。
    The summer travel season is not here yet, but Zhao Yun's team are already busy designing travel products.