What about last night

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 报纸是如何评论我们昨晚的音乐会的?。
    What does the newspaper say about our concert last night?
  • 你昨晚梦见了什么?牙掉了抑或是在飞翔?
    What did you dream about last night?Did your teeth fall out or did you fly?
  • 我们对于他昨晚在干什么都很好奇。
    We are all curious about what he was doing last night.
  • 是呀,你猜我们昨晚在说什么。
    It's true. Guess what we were talking about last night.
  • 也许在你走到户外,正在纳闷冬天为何这么反常时,可能要想一下自己昨天晚餐吃了些什么。
    It seems that when you step outside and wonder what happened to winter, you might want to think about what you had for dinner last night.
  • 她只觉得自己的喉咙被一个巨大的硬节塞住了,瑞克的话在她耳边回响:“昨晚发生的事是一个意外,丽莎。”她正要告诉他昨晚发生的事情是她一生中最快乐的事情时,他却说了这个。
    "What happen last night was a mistake Lisa, " he had said to her just when she was about to tell him that what had happen last night had been the most wonderful thing in her life.
  • 昨晚我们谈的那些事 还有你的担心呢?
    What about last night?All that talk?All those concerns?
  • 对不起,我昨天晚上表现得太幼稚。
    I am sorry about what I did last night-I behaved like a child.
  • 你昨天晚上做了什么梦?
    What did you dream about last night?
  • 昨晚的比赛怎么样?
    What about last night's game?
  • 我昨晚去看电影了。你呢? 我没去因为我记得我看过。
    I went to the movies last night. What about you ? –I didn't go because I didn't forget seeing it.
  • 昨晚的聚会怎么样啊?
    What about the party last night?
  • 昨天我们几点回家的,11点吗?
    What time did we get home last night?About 11?
  • 从他昨晚谈起他工作的样子,我就可以看出他爱他的工作。
    I could tell by the way he talked last night about what he does that he loves his job.
  • 可是有了脸谱网,同事们就会知道你昨晚都干了什么,于是你不停地担心他们会怎样谈论你昨晚做的事情,结果今晚什么也做不成。
    So now the people you work with can see what you did last night, and you’re constantly worrying what people might say about what you did last night instead of actually doing anything tonight.
  • 配偶通常说晚餐做的很好吃,又或是极力解释自己昨晚下班后没做什么。
    Partners lie about whether they liked dinner, or about what they did last night after work.
  • 相比之下,那种“交流即是随机向500位‘好友'播报昨晚都干了些什么”的想法,委实令人费解。
    By contrast, the idea that communication becomes a random broadcast to 500 “friends” about what you were up to last night is perfectly incomprehensible.
  • 你有没有听说老闆昨发生了什麽事?
    Have you heard about what happened to the boss last night?
  • 今天晚上,我只是把昨天晚上写下的关于《越狱》第十三集的内容翻译成了中文。
    I just translated what I wrote down last night about the thirteenth episode into Chinese tonight.
  • 如果你可以告诉我在昨天晚上的“幸存者”中发生了的情节,就没有理由说明你没有时间运动。
    If you can tell me about what happened last night on “Survivor”, then you have no excuses of why you have no time to go exercise.
  • 你昨晚都梦见什么了?
    What were you dreaming about last night?
  • 是的,昨晚我在家。怎么了?
    Yes, I was at home last night. What about it?
  • 你认为昨晚的电影怎么样?。
    What do you think about the film last night?
  • 我们昨晚看的电影怎么样?
    What did you think about the film we saw last night?
  • 对昨晚提出的建议你有什么看法?
    What is your opinion about the suggestion put forward last night?
  • 昨晚,李教授关于互联网说了些什么?
    What did prof Lee about internet last night?