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unites - 单位,团结,正在翻译
Liverpool Unites - 联合组织
Requisition unites - 拥有的作战单位
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  • 在UML 2中,组件是系统或子系统中自治,封装的单元,它提供一个或多个接口。
    In UML 2, components are autonomous, encapsulated unites within a system or subsystem that provide one or more interfaces.
  • 当燃料与氧气结合,我们就说燃料开始燃烧了,实际发生的是化学能(燃料与氧气)转化成热能。
    When a fuel unites with oxygen, we say the fuel burns; what is really happening is that chemical energy (fuel and oxygen) is changing to heat energy.
  • 从首富到最穷的,从最土著的到最不像土著的,大家吃玉米、喝玉米汁。 玉米是一种比任何事物都要强有力的共同纽带。
    Everybody eats it and drinks it, from the richest to the poorest, from the most indigenous to the least indigenous, and that's one thing that unites more than anything else.
  • 我们中的一些人意见不尽相同,但是,我知道,我们的共识远远超越分歧。
    Some of us have had our disagreements, but I know that which unites us transcends that which divides us.
  • 这座雕塑展示了如此一项成就的意义,以及当整个世界团结起来,为人道主义事业奋斗时,世卫组织将获得何等巨大的资源。
    This statue stands as a reminder of the significance of such an achievement, and of how resources available to WHO can be vastly magnified when the entire world unites behind a humanitarian cause.
  • 当燃料(我们吃的食物)与我们呼吸的氧气结合,我们获得我们身体运动所需的热能。
    When the fuel (food) we eat unites with the oxygen we breathe, we then have heat energy to run our bodies.
  • 它将融合不同文化,团结众多社会团体,这也是足球的特殊魅力所在。
    It unites cultures and brings many social groups together and that is what makes football special.
  • 另一种眼光来看,联合汇丰不同资产的唯一方案就是成为一个全球一体化银行,这是很诱人的选项,但是实践证明很难。
    The alternative vision, the only one that unites HSBC’s disparate assets, is of a globally integrated bank. This is alluring but has proven hard in practice.
  • 例如,把这里的搜索条件和结果与这里的搜索条件和结果相比,将有趣地看到什么把Linux用户联合起来。
    For an amusing look at what unites Linux users, for instance, compare the search terms and results here to the search terms and results here.
  • WSDL提供了服务规范的标准,统一了处理上述事宜所需的请求和要求的类型。
    WSDL provides a standard for service specification that unites the types of requests and the requirements needed to process them.
  • 氧与氢结合而成水。
    Oxygen unites with hydrogen to form water.
  • 然而GoCrossCampus代表着一种新类型游戏,应用普普通通的在线把真实社团里的参加者联合起来。
    But GoCrossCampus represents a new kind of gaming that unites the participants of real communities in a common online cause.