Try to write

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 因为每个线程都试图对全局空间进行写操作,所以必须确保它们同步地写入内存,否则消息就会遭到破坏。
    As each of the threads try to write to the global space, it is necessary to take care that they write to the memory in sync, or else the messages will get corrupted.
  • 在经过两年的观察和欣赏,一些朋友问我,‘为什么你自己不试着写些什么呢?’
    After two years of looking and appreciation, some friends of mine asked me, 'Why don't you just try to write something?
  • 在当时,广播剧构成了材料,而我坐下来试图写一本书让这些材料都要有意义。
    At the moment, the radio show generates the material and then I sit down and try to write a book and make sense of the material.
  • 不要试着去描写那些与你是个什么样的人并无什么关系的内容。
    Don't try to write an “about me” section that has nothing to do with who you are.
  • 只是试着以一种轻松的语气来写邮件。
    Just try to write to someone in a relaxed tone.
  • 试着写下讲师在黑板上板书的。
    Take Good Notes. Try to write down everything that instructor puts on board.
  • 如果试图将单实例对象放到 EJB 的上下文中去,由于 EJB 容器管理的是多个虚拟机的单实例对象,这样将会引起冲突。
    The EJB containers' ability to spread the identity of a single EJB instance across multiple VMs causes confusion if you try to write a singleton in the context of an EJB.
  • 写作 。 写日记或日志,或者甚至试着写本书。
    Write it down . Keep a diary or journal, or maybe even try to write a book.
  • 因为这两者都是基于同一背景制作的,所以在写相同内容的个人简介和求职信时,请从不同角度使用不同的文字和形式来表达。
    As they both tend to cover the same ground, so try to write any similar content in your profile and covering letter using different words and from a different perspective.
  • 他辍了学,最初打算写本小说,后来又决定入伍。
    He dropped out, deciding first to try to write a novel and then to enlist.
  • “那还好,”口气缓和了些,“你试着写过,但是没有成功。
    "That's better," was the mollified rejoinder. "You try to write, but you don't succeed.
  • 在纽约北部,我看见上年纪的老人带着孙辈,我会把这放在歌曲里,不管什么风格类别,酷!
    In upstate New York, I'll see elderly people with grandchildren. I just try to write great songs and whatever category they put them in, cool.
  • 我想,以后也许我会试着把那些梦写下来。
    I think maybe down the road I will try to write about them.
  • 尽您所能编写最好的需求,要知道,您可以要求获得稍后改变想法的权利。
    Try to write the best story you can, knowing that you can demand the right to change your mind later on.
  • 传统内核不好实现这样的分布式构造,因为系统要保证不同处理器上的不同程序不会写入同一块内存。
    In a traditional kernel this is difficult to implement; the system has to be sure that different programs don't try to write to the same memory from different processors.
  • 这个医生决定碰碰运气,试着写一本关于医药的书。
    The doctor decided to chance his arms and try to write a book on medicine.
  • 写日记或日志,或者甚至试着写本书。
    Keep a diary or journal, or maybe even try to write a book.
  • 比如说,当我感到绷得紧紧的时候,我甚至不会试着去写点什么。
    When I’m feeling upright, for example, I don’t even try to write.
  • 用简单的方式写作。
    Try to write in simple way.
  • 尝试将任务看作与您实际执行的任务类似;如果您能找出这些任务的通用描述,那么最好尝试编写一个符合该描述的实用程序。
    Try to think of tasks similar to the one you're actually performing; if you can find a general description of these tasks, it may be best to try to write a utility that fits that description.
  • 尽量为它所做的每件事编写测试。
    Try to write tests for each thing it does.
  • 但同时写下每天让你高兴地三件事(你还可以发挥你的艺术和作曲天赋来画出它们,或者把他们谱成曲子。)
    But also try to write down three things that you are grateful for each day (or illustrate or write songs if you're more of an artist or composer).