Tower crane

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tower crane - 塔式起重机,塔吊,带升降塔架车辆,塔式超重机
tower slewing crane - 塔式回转吊机,塔式旋臂起重机,塔式回转起重机
tower gantry crane - 塔式龙门起重机,塔架门式起重机
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  • 针对这一情况,尝试在塔式起重机基础中应用锚杆静压桩,这对提高工程综合效益具有较大的意义。
    Engineers tried to adopt the anchor rod static pressure pile technology in design of tower crane foundations and this technology can improve synthetical benefit of projects.
  • 目的研究塔式起重机工程载荷状态,提供评估塔式起重机疲劳寿命的依据。
    To evaluate the fatigue life of tower crane, research the load status of tower crane.
  • 在海滨大道重要节点——新海河大桥的施工现场,主塔承台已经全部浇筑完毕,一台50米高的大型塔式起重机矗立在现场。
    An important node in the coastal Avenue - New Haihe River Bridge construction site, the main tower caps have all been pouring is completed, a large 50-meter-high tower crane standing at the scene.
  • 罐体施工现场:在每台塔吊上装三盏3500W镝灯用于现场夜间照明。
    Three 3500W dysprosium lamps are installed on each tower crane for site lighting during night.
  • 重点介绍了M600D塔式起重机悬臂支撑设计以及附着设计和加工。
    The cantilever support design and attachment design and processing for M600D tower crane are described in detail.
  • 塔式起重机主要由竖直塔身、水平塔臂、塔顶和平衡臂等主要部件组成,如图3.67所示。
    The tower crane is mainly composed of vertical tower, horizontal tower, tower tower and balance arm, as shown in Figure 3.67.
  • 为方便起重,负载由两条4.5米长附有套�的绳索缠绕,再用两条吊鍊连接至塔式起重机的�子上。
    For the purpose of lifting, the load was wrapped by two web slings of length 4.5 metres each through a single choker hitch and connected to the hook of the tower crane through two chain slings.
  • 本文对塔式起重机水母式基础的力学状态进行了分析,并给出了设计计算公式和设计过程。
    The letterpress analyses the acaleph bases mechanics state for the tower crane, and gives out the design formulas and design course.
  • 采用动态应变测试和试验模态分析法对QTZ80型塔式起重机进行振动测试和分析,并通过实验结论验证其理论分析的正确性。
    Vibration measurement and analysis of QTZ80 tower crane is conducted through dynamic strain test and experimental mode analysis. The correctness of theoretical analysis has been proved by the results.
  • 为验证本文研究的塔式起重机计算机辅助设计平台的正确性,对某厂生产的5012塔机的塔身进行了再设计。
    For verifying accuracy of the investigative platform, we designed the tower crane mast again about the type of 5012.
  • 本文介绍了电磁离合器应用于塔式起重机起升机构的扭矩容量计算方法和型号选择原则。
    The method of torque capacity calculation and the principle of model selection for electro-magnetic clutch applied in hoist mechanism of tower crane are introduced in this article.
  • 自升塔式起重机的塔身通常具有若干附着点与施工中的建筑物相连接。
    Several attaching points are usually provided on the column of self-elevating tower crane in connection with the building under construction.
  • 阐述了塔式起重机附着装置的设计计算理论,建立了基于该理论的塔机附着装置计算机辅助设计系统。
    It presents the designing principle of the attached member for tower crane, establishes the computer aided design system of this machinery.
  • MINI施工升降机是一种小型的垂直运输塔机司机、施工人员、维修人员及小型物料的施工机械。
    MINI construction elevator is a small vertical transport driver of the tower crane, construction personnel, repair personnel and small material of construction machinery.
  • 塔式起重机结构的强度设计主要是确保金属结构部分在工作过程中满足强度条件。
    The strength design of the tower crane structure is mainly to ensure that the metal structure part meets the strength condition in the work process.
  • QTZ系列塔式起重机是公司重点产品之一。
    QTZ series tower crane is one main kind product of construction machinery.
  • 主要产品有塔式起重机,混凝土搅拌站和配料厂,施工升降机,混凝土输送泵,并把繁荣等。
    The main products are tower crane, concrete mixing and batching plant, construction elevator, concrete pump and placing boom and so on.