The last lesson

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The Last Lesson - 最后一课,最后一节课,最后的一课
The The Last Lesson - 最后一堂课
The last piano lesson - 上一堂钢琴课
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  • 这是最后一课。
    This is the last lesson.
  • 二月的最后一课。
    It's the last lesson of February .
  • 你的最后一节课什么时候结束?
    It is the last lesson before the holidays.
  • 一位白发苍苍的教授在学生毕业前的最后一节课上说:“你们当中的很多人并不那么喜欢实验课,但我希望你们能记住我给你们上的这最后一堂课。”
    In the last class before the graduation, a white- hair professor said: " most of you don't like the experiment lessons, however, i hope you can remember the last lesson that i give you."
  • 难道你想和《最后一课》中的人们一样?
    Don't you want to and the last lesson "as the people?"
  • 你的最后一节课什么时候结束?
    And the last lesson is Physics, is that right?
  • 这是我们本学期上的最后一课。
    This is the last lesson that we have this term.
  • 这是我们本学期上的最后一节课。
    This is the last lesson we have this term.
  • 谁能记得我们上节课所学的内容?
    Who can remember what we did in the last lesson?
  • 在上一节课中,我们已经讨论了吸引力法则以及她是如何影响你的爱情生活的,更好的或者更坏的。
    In the last lesson we talked about the Law of Attraction and how it affects your love life, for better or worse.
  • 今天最后一节课是什么?
    What's the last lesson today?
  • 这是我们本学期上的最后一节课。
    This is the last lesson we have in this term.
  • 只有在最后一节课下课之后立即跑到食堂才不用一楼两楼面馆的跑。
    Only in the last lesson after class to not immediately ran to the dining hall on two floors of the run.
  • 上节课中,在同一家出版公司工作的Karl和 Marilyn讨论了Karl想申请公司悉尼分部的经理职位。
    In the last lesson, Marilyn and Karl, two colleagues at a publishing firm, discussed Karl’s interest in a manager’s job at the firm’s Sydney branch.
  • 上学时,我把道歉的事拖到最后一节课。
    School hours, I do apologize for dragging the last lesson.
  • 这是我们的最后一节课。
    And this lesson was the last lesson for us.
  • 让我们复习一下上节课学的内容吧。
    Let's review the last lesson.
  • “同学们,我很抱歉,这是我给你们上的最后一节课……”他低声说,泪水涌上了他的眼眶。
    "Boys and girls, I am sorry this is the last lesson I give you… " He whispered, tears came to his eyes.
  • 上一课我们学的什么?
    What did we learn in the last lesson?
  • 最后一节课是物理, 对吗?。
    And the last lesson is Physics, is that right?
  • 复习上节课内容,是课堂教学的一个必要程序。
    Ask the students some questions to revise the last lesson (show them on the screen).
  • 上次课太让我感动了,于是我决定多加讲课内容和额外奖励。
    The last lesson moves me so much that I've made up my mind to add more knowledge and bonuses.
  • 上节课发生了什么事?
    What happened in the last lesson ?
  • 提着东西走上楼梯时,由于上次的教训,我是看一步走一步。
    Carrying things up the stairs, because the last lesson, I was look at step by step.
  • 不要忘记上次的教训。
    Don't forget the last lesson.