Temple University

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  • 同时,费城天普大学的研究者们还称,虽然孩子们的举止可能会显得比实际年龄成熟些,但是他们却不太会听取父母给他们的着装建议。
    Researchers from Temple University, Philadelphia also say that children - although they might appear to act older than their years - are far less likely to take style notes from their parents.
  • 因此,费城天普大学的物理学家们设计出了一种不同寻常的解决方法来避免粘稠情况:使用电场。
    So physicists at Temple University in Philadelphia have devised an unusual solution to avoid that sticky situation: apply an electric field.
  • 这所大学叫坦普尔大学,位于费城。 此外,他还成立了十所具有颁发学位资格的学院和六所其他学校。
    In fact, he raised about six million dollars and the university he founded is still going strong; it’s Temple University in Philadelphia, with ten degree-granting colleges and six other schools.
  • 该研究的作者之一、天普大学的克里斯托•哈罗德教授说该研究旨在揭开薪酬谈判的奥秘。
    Prof Crystal Harold, from Temple University, said the study wanted to open up the “black box" of the negotiating process.
  • 凯茜·荷西-帕瑟克,是费城天普大学的一位发展心理学家,她总结道,“玩原本是动物和人类共有的天性,可是不知为何我们的孩子却渐渐被剥夺了这种天性。”
    Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, a developmental psychologist at Temple University in Philadelphia, concluded, “Play is just a natural thing that animals do and humans do, but somehow we've driven it out of kids.
  • 费城坦普尔大学的一位研究衰老问题专家、副教授亚当•戴维博士说,每个人都具备一定程度的适应力。
    Everyone has some measure of resilience, says aging expert Adam Davey, PhD, an associate professor at Temple University in Philadelphia.
  • 那是一个冬日,天普大学校园中的寒风像芹菜一样清爽,当时我正走向篮球场去练习打后卫——我在天普大学校队中担任先发后卫。
    It was a winter day, the wind was crisp as celery on the campus of Temple University as I was walking to basketball practice – I was a starting point guard on Temple’s team.
  • 劳伦斯·斯坦是费城坦普尔大学的一位心理学教授。
    Laurence Steinberg is a psychology professor at Temple University in Philadelphia.