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Summer Session - 暑期班,暑期课程,暑假辅导
First Summer Session - 第一夏季学期
Second Summer Session - 第二夏季学期
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  • 我申请了耶鲁的夏季学分课程,并且选择了心理导论。
    This summer I will be attending Summer Session at Yale College and intend to take the course Introduction to Psychology.
  • 暑假即将开始,她希望能够有机会在贵校的暑假班执教英文。
    As the summer vacation is drawing near, she wishes to have a chance of teaching English at your summer session.
  • 2011年夏季会议,并在二月和三月申请的截止日期。
    Summer 2011 session, with application deadlines in February and March.
  • 去年夏天,17岁女生赛阿拉斯特吉斯在拍照时顺从地穿上了传统的黑色开领大袍,露出锁骨,并微露双肩。
    Last summer, during her photo session, Ceara Sturgis, 17, dutifully tried on the traditional black drape, the open-necked robe that reveals the collarbone, a hint of bare shoulder.
  • 暑期班的课程从2009年6月中旬至2009年8月。
    The summer session runs from mid-June 2009 to August 2009.
  • 斑马军团总经理贝佩。马洛塔不久前曾表示,尤文希望在转会市场关闭前引进一名前锋。
    Director general Beppe Marotta had said they were looking for a striker before the summer transfer session ends.
  • 暑期班的课程涉及工程、物理学和卫星应用、生命科学、政策、管理与人文学等与航天有关的主要领域。
    The summer session curriculum covers major space-related fields, ranging from engineering, physical sciences and satellite applications to life sciences, policy, management and humanities.
  • 但是今年夏天的训练期仍使她措手不及,因为训练几乎跟弓箭没有关系。
    But nothing had prepared her for a training session this summer, which had little to do with bows and arrows.
  • 好莱坞记者新闻说这位前男孩组合成员被请来主持一个新的真人秀:ABC电视台的《高校音乐剧:暑期补习班》。
    The Hollywood Reporter says that the former boy-band member has been tapped to host what could be the next reality-television sensation: ABC's High School Musical: Summer Session.
  • 她上大学的暑期班。
    She attended the summer session of college.
  • 如今,该项目已经有25个4学分课时课程,在常规学年和夏季学期,循环开授基础课。
    Today the program has 25 four-credit-hour courses taught on a rotating basis during both regular semesters and in a summer session.
  • 你想上一条短期国际管理路 线在夏天会议上。
    You want to take a short-term international management course in the summer session.
  • 来自世界各地的约120名研究生将选读暑期班课程。
    About 120 postgraduate students from all over the world will participate in the summer session.
  • 特别课程不提供给基础中文程度或暑期密集班学生选修。
    The special class is not recommended for beginning level students and is not available during summer session.
  • 夏季短期华语交换课程申请表请洽本处承办人。
    Please contact us for requesting the Application Form of special summer session.
  • 我们毫不怀疑地认为,参加2009年暑期班的学生会更快地成长为航天业的领军人物。
    We have no doubt that the students who attend Summer Session Program 2009 will be accelerated on their way to becoming leaders in the space sector.
  • 杰森:特别是再过三个礼拜,蓝盾专科学校暑期班马上就要开学了。
    Jason: Especially since the summer session of Alf Landen Junior collage starts in about three weeks.
  • 在九个星期密集夏季会议的最后第三个星期,将致力于一个团体项目,以解决一些人道的重大挑战。
    The last third of the nine week intensive summer session will be devoted to a group project to address some major challenge of humanity.
  • 把这些因素累加起来到一场穿着笨重保护装备的夏季特训中,你就准备好大汗淋漓吧。
    Pile these factors on to a hot summer training session under heavy protective gear, and you have a recipe for some serious fluid loss.
  • 荷莉:你的暑期课程结束了?你这辈子正式摆脱学校了?恭喜啊!
    Holly : Your summer session is over? You're officially done with school forever? Congratulations!
  • 暑假补习期间,校园社区服务时间表将有个调整。
    During the summer session there will be a revised schedule of services for the university community.