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n. 分包商
SUB-CONTRACTOR - 外发厂,分包商,次承判商
Sub-contractor selection - 选择转包商
CERTIFIED SUB-CONTRACTOR - 认可加工厂,承认加工场,承认加工厂
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  • 分包商声明已经研究并了解所有的当地和现场条件并且已经将他们包括在其分包合同的单价或总价内。
    The Sub-Contractor declares that he is aware of all local and the site conditions and that these have been allowed for in his rates or prices.
  • 除非得到西门子公司和分包商的同意,以及现场书面的分包合同补充协议,否则分包合同的修订条款都无效。
    No amendment to the terms of the Sub-Contract shall be valid unless agreed to by Siemens and the Sub-Contractor and formalized by a written Supplementary Agreement to this Sub-Contract.
  • 如果承包商有要求,还需要提供其是适合该岗位的原因。
    The Sub-Contractor shall employ a qualified surveying engineer for this purpose, whose suitability (training certificate) is to be produced if requested by the Contractor.
  • 里维埃拉近期巩固了其承包商库,以便提高效率,降低运营成本。
    Riviera has recently consolidated its sub-contractor base in order to realise better efficiencies and reduce operational costs in-line with current volumes.
  • 由分包商提供。
    As provided by the Sub-contractor.
  • 寻找有资质的供应商和承包商,并开展供应商评估工作。
    Source qualified supplier & sub-contractor, and carry out supplier evaluation.
  • 如果分包商没有遵守工作进度表中规定的日期或期限,则应向承包商支付附件中规定的金额作为对其违约的罚款。
    If the Sub-Contractor fails to adhere to any of the dates or periods, he shall pay to the Contractor the amounts specified in the Appendix as penalty for such default.
  • 如果审核发现分包商严重的不服从行为,那么分包商应负担所有审核费用(买方所有的其它权利之外的)。
    If an audit reveals substantial non-compliance, the Sub-Contractor shall – in addition to any other rights the Purchaser may have –bear all audit expenses.
  • 分包商应合理地协助和支持西门子公司的审核行为。
    The Sub-Contractor shall reasonably assist and support Siemens conduct of the audit.
  • 遵守质量保证系统并不减轻分包商在分包合同下的职责、义务或责任。
    Compliance with the quality assurance system shall not relieve the Sub-Contractor of any of its duties, obligations or responsibilities under the Sub-Contract.
  • 如果申请文件合格,承包商将通知分包商开始进行有关工作。
    If the submittal appears to be in order the Contractor will notify the Sub-Contractor that the Works can proceed accordingly.
  • 是否有程序对分包商进行批准?
    Is there an established procedure for sub-contractor approval?
  • 承包商将为整个项目投保承包商一切责任险以及第三者责任险,该保险已包含了分包合同的公工作,分包商无需为此承担费用。
    The Contractor shall obtain the Contractors ALL Risk and Tird Party Liability insurance for the entire contract works, which shall include the Sub-Contract Works at no cost to the Sub-Contractor.
  • BP石油公司对他们造成的灾难是极为敏感的,聘请了哈利伯顿公司-----一家被公众讨厌的公司-----作为分包商,导致设置的阀门发生了失误。
    BP is extremely sensitive to the disaster they caused, and for employing Halliburton, a company hated by the public, as a sub-contractor setting the valves that failed in place.
  • 本款所载任何规定都不得视为承运人针对前一程承运人或续程承运人或分立契约人就赔偿或其他事项所享有的任何权利的放弃。
    Nothing herein contained shall be deemed a waiver of any rights that the Carrier may have against a pre-carrier or on-carrier or Sub-contractor for indemnity or otherwise.
  • 在运输、安装、检验过程中由实验室承包商或相关分包商引起的质量问题,都进行保证。
    The warranty shall apply to manufacturing defects and other defects caused during transportation, installation and commissioning caused by the Contractor or its nominated sub-contractor only.
  • 确定分包单位后,在其进场前均需与本公司签定工程分包合同。
    Once the sub-contractor is selected, it must sign project sub-contracting contract with our company before moving in.
  • 你怎样评估任何潜在的转包商的安全性。
    How do you assess the Safety Performance of any potential sub-contractor?
  • 分包商应把这些条件作为他们合同义务的一部分。
    The Sub-Contractor accepts these provisions as part of their contractual obligations.
  • 分包商应负责西门子公司由于其提供的出口管制和外贸数据不准确而遭受的花费和损失。
    The Sub-Contractor shall be liable for any expenses or damage incurred by Siemens due to the lack of or inaccuracy of said Export Control and Foreign Trade Data.