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n. 相互作用(复数reciprocities);相互性;互惠主义
Reciprocity - 倒易律,互惠,互惠原则
Cubic reciprocity - 三次互反律,三次互反律
Reciprocity Calibration - 互易校准法,互易法校准,互易校准
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相互性; 对等; 相互作用; 互惠
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  • 互惠不仅仅包括礼物和优待;它对人们之间互相作出的让步也同样适用。
    Reciprocity includes more than gifts and favors; it also applies to concessions that people make to one another.
  • 谈判中对等的程度应考虑到经济发展的不同阶段。
    The degree of reciprocity in negotiations should take into account the varying stages of economic development.
  • 基于SEM模型的互惠性偏好经济效应实证研究
    The Empirical Study for Economic Effects of Reciprocity Preference Based on SEM Model
  • 我们将根据互惠互利、注重实效的原则,采取具体步骤促进稳定发展。
    We will take practical steps to seek steady development in accordance with the principles of reciprocity and efficiency.
  • (国与国之间的)贸易互惠。
    Reciprocity in trade ( between countries)
  • 同外国订立平等互惠通商友好条约。
    Conclude treaties of trade and friendship with foreign countries on the basis of equality and reciprocity.
  • 这叫农场定律,也叫回报定律。
    This is also called The Law of the Farm or The Law of Reciprocity.
  • “两规”也符合法理上的权力义务对等原则。
    "Two regulation" is also in line with legal rights and obligations of the principle of reciprocity.
  • 本文讨论了第二类抛物型变分不等式中的MRM(多重互易方法)方法。
    The multiple reciprocity method ( MRM) for the parabolic variational inequalities of the second kind was discussed.
  • 于是因果关系便过渡为(主动与反作用的关系或)相互作用。
    In this manner causality passes into the relation of Action and Reaction, or Reciprocity.
  • 路得斯公司以一种互惠、互利的合作方式,邀您一同携手明天,共创未来!
    With the reciprocity and mutual benefit cooperation way our company invites you to create the future together.
  • 波伏娃的乌托邦理想是男女之间的相互作用和情谊关系。
    Beauvoir's utopian ideal is the reciprocity and comradeship between men and women.
  • 这是事实,尽管这种想法不会立即就付诸实践,但假以时日,一种“友好互惠”的关系就在你和他人之间建立起来了。
    Perhaps not right away, but over time reciprocity and a positive relationship can build.
  • 他们保证将推进本国与希腊两国间签证的互相发放。
    They gave assurances they would press for reciprocity with Greece in the issuing of visas.
  • 没有互惠就不能算是友谊。
    There can be no friendship without reciprocity.
  • 该文对应用双互易边界元法进行三维声场特征值分析时所用的近似函数进行了研究和讨论。
    This paper is concerned with the approximation functions in the Dual Reciprocity Boundary Element Method ( DRBEM) for the three-dimensional acoustic eigenvalue analysis.
  • 在极度不平等的社会中,将社会凝聚在一起的团结和互惠原则更有可能被侵蚀。
    The principles of solidarity and reciprocity that bind societies together are more likely to erode in excessively unequal societies.
  • 提出了将杂交边界点法和双重互易法结合求解势问题的一种新的算法。
    The hybrid boundary node method ( HBNM) and the dual reciprocity method ( DRM) are combined for solving potential problems in this paper.
  • 两国签署了贸易互惠的新协议。
    The two countrics have signed a new agreement based on reciprocity in trade.
  • 美国应用在贸易中的第二个原则是互惠。
    A second principle that the United States applies to trade is reciprocity.
  • 我目前主要在写一本书,是关于莫扎特音乐中的相互性。
    My current project is a book on reciprocity in Mozart's instrumental music.
  • 互惠不仅仅包括礼物和优待;
    Reciprocity includes more than gifts and favors;
  • 它的互惠只是一个附加的约定。
    Its reciprocity is merely an added stipulation.
  • 许多作家已设法与读者建立一种真正的相互交流和平等的关系。
    Many writers have sought to establish a relationship of real reciprocity and equality with their readers.
  • 我们正在建立的是一种相互的,真正互惠的关系。
    It is a mutual relationship, a true reciprocity we are now engaged in building.
  • 没有这种观察的倒易性,我们就能够辩认绝对运动。
    Without this reciprocity of observation, we would be able to identify absolute motion.
  • 互利互惠,是达成协议的前提。
    Mutual Benefit and reciprocity is a prerequisite to the conclusion of an agreement.
  • 这两个历史过程应相互结合、互促进、共时互释,历时互动地向前发展。
    The mutual combination and mutual promotion of these two historical processes are developing in interaction and reciprocity.
  • 因此,交易效率和流通效率的相互作用是一个正反馈过程。
    Consequently, the reciprocity between transaction efficiency and circulation efficiency is a positive-feedback process.
  • 诚信和互惠是信任和社会的基础。
    Honesty and reciprocity are the basis of trust and community.