Pay a bill

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pay y a bill - 付账
jiechang pay a bill - 结账
Pay a bill first please - 请先付帐
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  • 客户可以给你拿着袋子,当他们倒闭或不支付一定的法案。
    A client may leave you holding the bag when they go bankrupt or not pay a certain bill.
  • FiOS用户平均每月账单为135美元,是Verizon用户平均账单的两倍。
    On average, FiOS customers pay a monthly bill of $135, about twice the bill for the average Verizon customer.
  • 麦克最后的伟大创举是鲁宾逊式的漂流,以5000英镑兜售给了一家通俗的星期日报,他急需这笔钱付税款,此举几乎要了他的命。
    Mac's last great stunt as a Robinson Crusoe-type castaway—sold to a tabloid Sunday newspaper for £5,000 urgently needed to pay a tax bill—very nearly did for him.
  • 拿走货物不付钱或者拒绝付账,这是犯法行为。
    Offence of remove goods without pay for them or of refuse to pay a bill.
  • 位于新泽西州的牙医,后来,说,他记得有人通过一项法案,为病人支付,警方能够识别阿隆从办公室使用记录。
    The dentist, located later in New Jersey, said he remembered someone coming by to pay a bill for a patient, and police were able to identify Aron using records from the office.
  • 你可能要付出大笔的金钱,但这次您将有足够的势力承担得起。
    You may have to pay a large bill , but this time you will have more than enough to cover.
  • 尽管人类从事的无数活动都需要水,但只有在经历了缺水或需要付水费时我们才会多想想这不可或缺的液体。
    Even though countless human pursuits require water, it is only when we experience a water shortage or pay a water bill that we think much about this indispensable fluid.
  • 如两名或以上人士愿意为维护不同当事人之信誉而支付汇票,则凡付款能解除最多数当事人对汇票之责任之人士,应享有优先权。
    Where two or more persons offer to pay a bill for the honour of different parties, the person whose payment will discharge most parties to the bill shall have the preference .
  • 本公司为计时消费,每超出18小时,请到前台结帐一次。
    The consumption in our company is reckoned by time. Please pay a bill at the front table every 18 hours.
  • 例如,你需要300美元为你手上的的项目做一个网页设计,或者200美元为一个不期而至的账单买单。
    For example, you could need $300 to get a web design for your latest project, or $200 to pay a bill that came up unexpectedly.
  • 想象自己再不要掏汽油钱。
    Imagine never having to pay a gas bill again.
  • 保修期间尽管由于享有优惠而不必付出大笔的修理费,但车子却被弄得半残,那可是糟透的事。
    It's bad enough to get your car half wrecked in the process of being serviced, without having to pay a dirty great bill for the privilege .
  • 例如,某公司知道将在一个月以后需要用某一种货币来支付一份账单,那么采用外汇期货交易,公司就能避免某些风险。
    For example, if a company knows that will need a particular foreign currency to pay a bill in a month's time, a forward deal enables it to protect itself.