Off putting

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 同时,根据路透社报料,他们发现了这样孤傲和倒胃口的行为。
    Meanwhile, according to Reuters’ sources, they found this behavior aloof and off-putting.
  • 所有这些工作都可以推给房东。
    All this work can be off-putting for landlords.
  • 另外一个理论是,这和心理的成熟有关。 在控制冲动方面,年长的人能更有效地管理他们的冲动情绪,所以更擅长推迟“拖延”。
    Another theory is that it has something to do with maturity, in the sense of impulse control—older people do a better job of managing their impulses, and so they're better able to put off putting off.
  • 尽量不要使用浓郁的香水,这也会导致淘汰。
    Try not to use overpowering perfume or cologne, as this can be just as off putting.
  • 我不知道那是他的腋臭、衣服臭,还是脚臭,但这种臭味成了办公室里的大部分话题,而且确实令人讨厌。
    I don't know if it is his armpits, his clothes or his feet, but the pong is the subject of much comment in the office and is really off-putting.
  • 我觉得这些科学矛盾非常讨厌。
    I find these scientific inconsistencies very off-putting.
  • 虽然反稀释条款有利于早期投资者,但是他们不利于后来的投资者。
    Although anti-dilution provisions are in the interest of early investors, they're off-putting to later investors.
  • 您已看到,为将 XML 与 SDO 配合使用,确实需要一个 XML 模式文件,XML DAS 将通过此文件初始化类型与属性模型,或许您还会发现这有些令人不快。
    You will have seen that to use XML with SDO, you do need a XML schema file from which the XML DAS can initialize the model of types and properties, and perhaps you found that off-putting.
  • 如果你没有雅虎账户,你这里需要创建一个。 对于需要注册的新用户来讲,这一额外的步骤可能有点让人不爽。
    If you don't already have one, then you'll need to create one here - an extra step that may be a bit off-putting for new users.
  • 如果每天张贴文章的前景令人感到不快,那么记住每个帖子不需要是长达千言的语言缜密和精心编排的散文。
    If the prospect of posting daily seems off-putting, remember that each post does not have to be a thousand words of carefully argued and finely crafted prose.