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n. 乡愁;怀旧之情;怀乡病
Nostalgia - 乡愁,怀旧,怀旧
Nostalgia Song - 思乡曲,播放思乡曲
HOTEL NOSTALGIA - 首尔香水酒店,怀旧酒店
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怀旧 / 怀旧之情
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乡愁; 怀旧之情
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  • 从研究结果看来,怀旧可以减少孤独、无聊与焦虑。
    Nostalgia has been shown to counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety.
  • 而近年来的一些研究结果显示,乡愁可能对我们的心理健康大有裨益。
    Studies in recent years, however, have shown that nostalgia may have some benefits to our mental health.
  • 请相信我,我对父权制度毫无怀旧之情。
    I have no nostalgia for the patriarchy, please believe me.
  • 柏林这座城市充满了鲜活的历史,但她并不怀旧。
    Berlin is a city of living history, but it does not do nostalgia.
  • 深紫色与版税、丰富而薰衣草、怀旧与浪漫。
    Deep purple is associated with royalty and richness while lavender is associated with romance and nostalgia.
  • 在抒情方面,这一系列作品成为阿勃丝对于畸形人摄影的乡愁。
    In lyrical aspect, this series of works became the nostalgia of freaks to arbus.
  • 歌曲以怀旧的中国背景与现在的节奏结合。
    Chinese background music to nostalgia and modern rhythm combination.
  • 这种形式明显表现出悲伤,痛苦,怀旧,幸福感和爱的混合。
    The style conveys a distinct mixture of sadness, pain, nostalgia, happiness and love.
  • 他说,我们管这个叫可预期的怀旧,我们甚至已经开始这个相关研究了。
    We call this anticipatory nostalgia and have even started a line of relevant research.
  • 我喜欢新的文化,但是也很怀旧。
    I like the new culture, but also with nostalgia.
  • 在沮丧和乡愁的时候,仅仅安静的呼吸是有帮助的。
    During moments of depression or nostalgia, it can be helpful to be quiet and merely breathe.
  • 他在小说里感受到一种20世纪60年代的怀旧氛围。
    He discerned in the novel an air of Sixties nostalgia.
  • 我听到这首喜爱的旧歌,心中充满了怀旧之情。
    I was filled with nostalgia by hearing my favourite old song.
  • 一股怀念非洲的离别情意油然而生。
    He had a sudden nostalgia for africa.
  • 普京同样准确地嗅到并聪明地利用了对苏联文化象征的怀旧情绪。
    Mr Putin also accurately sensed and cleverly exploited nostalgia for Soviet cultural symbols.
  • 我们发现了怀旧用于兼并克里米亚和艾瑞克康托尔在茶党初选中失败。
    We spotted examples of nostalgia used in connection with the annexation of Crimea and the defeat of Eric Cantor.
  • 很快对于奇迹的希望被幻灭和怀旧的感觉取代。
    Soon the hope of a miracle was replaced by disillusion and nostalgia.
  • 眼下,她将重点放在了《阿布尼和蒂尔》上,这是一部充满怀旧情绪的动画系列片。
    Now her focus is on Abney& teal, an animated series laden with nostalgia.
  • 怀旧全,王育红的作品影响人们对她的独特美景。
    Full of nostalgia, Wang Yuhong's works impact people's vision with her unique beauty.
  • 这些影像勾起了对昔日时光的强烈怀念。
    The images provoked strong surges of nostalgia for the days of yore
  • 但有些人也认为这类节目成功的原因在于它勾起了观众的怀旧之情。
    Some also attribute the show's success to the sense of nostalgia it evokes among the audience.
  • 他说,怀旧让我觉得生活有根源与连续性。
    Nostalgia made me feel that my life had roots and continuity.
  • 有对中世纪的乡愁式的怀恋,由于憎恶近代,把中世纪理想化了。
    There was a nostalgia for the Middle Ages, which were idealized owing to hatred of the modern world.
  • 士兵们听了我喜欢的老歌后,心中充满了乡愁。
    The soldiers were filled with nostalgia by hearing my old favorite song.
  • 我不清楚是怎么了,也许是想家。
    I don't know if what I feel is a bit of nostalgia.
  • 乡愁是中国诗歌中反复出现的一个主题。
    Nostalgia is a recurrent theme in Chinese poetry.
  • 他回忆早些年的家族生意时,无疑是带着一种怀旧的语气的。
    There is an unmistakable note of nostalgia in his voice when he looks back on the early years of the family business
  • 用强烈的壁画描绘,他们萦绕着记忆,充满了幻觉与怀旧之情。
    Painted with the intensity of fresco, they haunt the memory, loaded with illusion and nostalgia.
  • 也许是对年轻时幸福时光的怀恋影响了他。
    He might be influenced by nostalgia for his happy youth