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n. (Moschus)人名;(希)莫斯霍斯;(公元前2世纪)摩斯科斯〈希〉田园诗人、语法学家。
Moschus - 莫斯霍斯,麝香,原麝,动物
moschus s - 麝香
synthetic moschus - 人工麝香
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  • 结论:麝鼠香有类麝香样抗炎及镇痛作用。
    Conclusion Muskrat and moschus have the same effects of anti-inflammation and analgesia.
  • 方法:利用扭体法,对比观察麝鼠香与麝香的镇痛作用;
    Methods The effects of muskrat and moschus of anti-inflammation were observed by using torsive-body method.
  • 也可供其它含麝香中药制剂的定性定最分析参考。
    The method can provide references for the quantitative analysis of other preparations containing moschus as well.
  • 本实验在52名受试者中研究了吸入薄荷冰、冰片、麝香对鼻气流阻力及鼻感觉的影响。
    The effects of inhalation of menthol, borneolum, moschus on nasal resistance and airflow sensation were investigated in 52 subjects.
  • 本文综述了麝香中所含的多种化学成分及其药理活性,为麝香在临床上的应用提供理论依据。
    This article reviewed several chemical substances in Moschus and its pharmacological activity. It provided the oritical basic of the clinical use of Moschus.
  • 研究结果表明,安徽麝同麝属中其他种的遗传分化已经相当明显。
    When compared with other species in Genus Moschus , Anhui musk deer showed a rather level of sequence divergence from all the other species in this genus.
  • 本法迅速、准确、所得图谱清晰,能起到控制中药麝香制剂质量的作用。
    The experiment shows that the method has the advantages of rapidity, simplicity and clear chromatograms, thus can be used to control the quality of preparations containing moschus.
  • 林麝; 紫柏山自然保护区; 种群密度; 栖息地利用; 植物群落结构; 恢复。
    Moschus berezovskii; Zibaishan Nature Reserve; Population density; Winter habitat use; Structural characteristics of plant community; Restoration.
  • 结论:麝香提取工艺合理、可行。
    CONCLUSION:The extraction technique of moschus is feasible and reliable.
  • 中文摘要:目的:考察醒脑静处方中艾片、麝香、郁金及合方后对栀子提取物肠吸收的影响。
    Objective: To observe the influence of ingredients in Xingnaojing, such as moschus, borneol and radix curcumae on intestine absorption kinetics of gardenia extract.