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n. 线路,跑道(lane复数形势)
n. (Lanes)人名;(法)拉纳
LANES - 米电子学与结构,巷陌,线路
PASSING LANES - 传球危胁度趋向,抄截抢断,传球路线
The Lanes - 巷道区,巷子区,中巷间
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  • 当我刚刚开始尝试在自行车道上跑步时我就觉察出这种差别了。
    I noticed the difference right away when I started running in the bike lanes.
  • 他们已经把这片水域变成世界上最危险的海上航线。
    They have turned these waters into the most dangerous shipping lanes in the world.
  • “我不知道这个人一次骑在两个车道上是想拿我们做什么,”他说道。
    "I don't know what this person is doing using two lanes at once," he says.
  • 高速公路上更多的线路说明了这可以使更多的人更方便的到工作场所。
    More lanes on the highway have been demonstrated to lead to more people commuting to work.
  • 在此视图中,该过程显示了许多泳道,每个泳道表示一个参与过程的特殊角色。
    In this view, the process shows swim lanes, with each representing a particular role that participates in the process.
  • 在他更换车道时,他注意到前方一辆白色的小卡车没有打信号灯就从最右边的车道切入了中间的车道。
    As he changed lanes, he noticed the white pickup ahead of him move from the far-right lane to the center lane without signaling.
  • 我告诉他们我常跑自行车道,因为我能感觉出柏油路面比混凝土路面更加柔软。
    I have told them that I run in the bike lanes of roads because asphalt is softer than concrete.
  • 但是,自行车道要是变得拥挤那怎么办?
    But, what if the bike lanes then become congested?
  • 下次当你在一个大城市的时候再琢磨一下这个,绕着曲线在车道之间与成千上万全速行驶的其他人一起风驰电掣。
    Think of this the next time you are in a big city, zooming around curves and between lanes along with thousands of others, doing top speeds.
  • 在某些路段,它与16条线路相交。
    In some sections, it's 16 lanes across.
  • 很多大马路仍保留着宽阔的自行车道,而你可以花好几个小时在小街里穿梭,尤其是在那些少数遗留下来的胡同区域。
    A lot of big roads still have wide bike lanes and you can spend hours trundling round the smaller streets, particularly in the few remaining hutong districts.
  • 别的赛道中的其他赛艇划得怎么样,那是他们的事情。
    What the other boats do in their lanes is their concern.
  • 除了白海边一年大部分时间处于封冻之下的阿尔汉格尔斯克,这个国家没有一个通向世界海运航线的入口。
    Apart from Archangel on the White Sea, closed by ice for most of the year, the country had no access to the world’s shipping lanes.