How are you

—— 英文翻译成中文


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How are you - 你好吗,你好么,怎么是你
How senior are you - 你算老几,你老几吖
How tall are you - 陈惠娇,多高,你是如何高
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  • 嗨,伙计们,大家还好吧?
    Hi, guys. How are you doing?
  • 你能用什么办法来帮助他呢?
    How are you going to help him?
  • 你现在过得如何?
    How are you faring?
  • 嗨!你近来怎么样?
    Hi! How are you doing?
  • 你有多少现款?
    How are you off for cash?
  • 你今天感觉怎么样?
    How are you feeling today?
  • “你好吗?”—“好,看见你更好了。”
    'How are you?' —'All the better for seeing you. '
  • 嘿,你好?
    Hello! How are you?
  • 最近怎么样?&马马虎虎。
    How are you these days?& so-so.
  • 你工作情况怎样?
    How are you getting on with your work?
  • 何以自解?
    How are you to explain yourself?
  • “你好吗,小迈克?”
    'How are you, Mikey?'
  • 你近况如何?
    How are you getting along?; How are things?; How goes the world with you?
  • 这个问题你怎么交代?
    How are you going to account for this?
  • 你身体好不?
    How are you?
  • 你好哇?
    Well, how are you?
  • 你这些天身体怎么样?
    How are you keeping these days?
  • “最近怎么样,老兄?”——“还不错,你呢?”
    'How are you, mate?' — 'Not bad, mate, how's yourself?'
  • 嗨,你好吗?
    Hiya. How are you?
  • 你今天感觉怎样?--还好。
    How are you feeling today?--Not so bad.
  • 您好!
    How are you? or how do you do?
  • 你怎么样,伦诺克斯?很高兴看到你能下床走动了。
    How are you Lennox? Good to see you up and about.
  • 你怎样超过那个?
    How are you going to top that?
  • 乔治说:“艾达,你好吗?”她皱了一会儿眉头,然后才认出他。“乔治·布莱克,噢,我一直都不好。”
    George said, 'Ida, how are you?' She frowned for a moment and then recognition dawned. 'George Black. Well, I never.'
  • 你未来将作何打算?
    How are you going to plan for the future?
  • 多日不见了,你好吗?
    Haven't seen you for a long time. How are you?