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n. 邓恩(姓氏)
ryan dunn - 瑞恩·邓恩,赖安·丹,男星赖恩邓肯
Dunn School - 邓恩中学,邓恩学校,邓恩中
Hartia Dunn - 折柄茶属
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  • 眼前就是站在一群高中毕业生面前赞美他的我们的白宫通讯联络办公室主任安妮塔。邓恩。
    Heres our White House communications director, Anita Dunn, standing in front of a group of graduating high school students and praising him.
  • 倒霉的邓恩女士就像是一则寓言,它明白地告诉我们:将两个头等职位相分离并不能确保拥有一个和谐的董事会。
    The parable of the hapless Ms Dunn makes clear that separating the two top jobs is no guarantee of a harmonious board.
  • 安娜是没有纳什维尔陌生,有书面里巴伊泰,布鲁克斯和邓恩和李安沃马克歌曲。
    Anna is no stranger to Nashville, having written songs for Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn and Lee Ann Womack.
  • 迈克 邓恩站在一个巨大的飞机库的角落,周围满是西部特色产品的卖家,他们的货物从木屋到牛皮马桶座椅,应有尽有。
    MIKE DUNN stands in the corner of a vast hangar filled with purveyors of all manner of Western goods, from log cabins to cowhide-covered lavatory seats.
  • 邓恩先生说,此举让所有人都有了一个谈论产品之外事情的理由。
    This gives anyone an 'excuse to talk about who you are beyond your product, ' Mr. Dunn says.
  • 史密斯和柯克比学院另一新星杰克•邓恩都在本常比赛中亮相,而后者是在比赛第71分钟时被替换上场。
    Smith was joined on the field by fellow Liverpool youngster Jack Dunn, who was introduced to the action as a 71st minute substitute.
  • 在接受《纽约客》采访时,邓恩表示:“汤姆对公司治理的观点是:应该由少数人……制定决策……这是硅谷牛仔的做事方式。”
    "Tom's view of corporate governance is that a few people … should make the decision…. That's the Silicon Valley cowboy way, " Dunn told the The New Yorker.
  • 邓恩博士说:“身体所发生的一切事情都会真实的影响到我们的大脑。
    Dr Dunn said: 'What happens in our bodies really does appear to influence what goes in our minds.
  • 邓恩还说,客户在新产品上的花费越来越少,他们希望的是自己拥有的东西能持续更长的时间。
    As customers spend less on new gadgets and want the ones they own to last longer, they're "really hungry not just for a transaction, " Dunn says.
  • 研究员伊丽莎白邓恩发现把钱花在别人身上的人比那些把钱花在自己身上的人更加快乐。
    Researcher Elizabeth Dunn found that those who spend money on others reported much greater Happiness than those who spend it on themselves.
  • 饭后,邓恩太太转向了这个小女孩。
    After their meal, Mrs Dunn turned to the little girl.