Develop and improve

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Develop and Improve - 发展和完善,发展和改善,培养并提高
to develop and improve - 发展完善,培养和提高
The Program to Develop Border Areas and Improve the Lives of the People There - 兴边富民行动
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  • 我们将开发和改进的新的风险的管理制度和防灾系统维护并创造城市环境,让大家感到轻松,声音,在他们的生活。
    So we will develop and improve a new risk management system and a disaster prevention system to preserve and create the city environment where people feel easy and sound in their life.
  • 所有这些都需要进一步发展和改进过程。
    Both are needed to further develop and improve the process.
  • 目的为了进一步发展和完善度量空间中的不动点理论,扩展不动点定理的应用范围。
    Aim In order to develop and improve the fixed point theorem in metric space and extend the application.
  • 若要最充分地改善、发展和提高学生各方面的素质,培养创新人才,就必须在整个教育过程中运用各有所长的教育手段,并使它们构成一个互相配合、互为补充的系统。
    In order to better, develop and improve all sides of qualities of students, to cultivate more innovative talents, we must exercise educational methods that each has its own strong points.
  • 不同的 Business Glossary 用户可以通过对主题的说明、注解和预订相互协作,共同开发和改进业务信息。
    Notes and annotations as well as subscriptions to topics of interest allow different users of Business Glossary to cooperate and to jointly develop and improve the glossary information.
  • 为发展和提高我国的高新技术,科学研究与开发已被国家列为科技发展的战略重点。
    In order to develop and improve high and new technology of our country. scientific research and experimental development is rated as a important strategic point for developping scientific technology.
  • 他是这个工具的创建者,对这个工具的开发和改进做出了卓越的贡献。
    He is the creator of the tool, and he has done a great job of pulling it altogether and continuing to develop and improve this utility.
  • 学生解题反思能力的培养和提高需要教师和学生都付出努力。
    In a way, teachers and students both have to make efforts to develop and improve the ability of reflection.
  • 知识工作者的创新能力是现代企业最重要的竞争能力之一。
    Firms must develop and improve knowledge workers innovative capability in order that knowledge workers can create as much value as possible.
  • 审核期间审核员是否能够根据其责任和程序推动您的管理体系进一步发展和改进?。
    Were the auditors able to motivate to further develop and improve your management system in terms of their commitment and procedure during the assessment?
  • 这个新的中心将把分辨率增加到5平方公里。
    The new centre will try to develop and improve the resolution down to five square kilometres.
  • 所以我们将发展和改善新的风险管理体系和防灾系统维护和创建城市环境让人感到轻松和声音在他们的生活。
    So we will develop and improve a new risk management system and a disaster prevention system to preserve and create the city environment where people feel easy and sound in their life.
  • 不论是在跨文化交际中还是在英语教学中,了解文化中的差异,继而培养和提高我们的语用能力是非常必要的。
    Whether in the cross-cultural communication or in English learning and teaching, it is necessary for us to understand cultural differences and develop and improve our pragmatic competence.
  • 案例教学是战略管理课程教学的必然趋势,开发和提高学生的能力是案例教学的一大特点。
    Case teaching in strategic management is an inevitable trend; it can develop and improve students' ability.
  • 要解决这个矛盾,就必须加强文化融合,发展与提高跨文化沟通能力。
    In order to solve this problem, we must strengthen cultural integration, develop and improve cultural communication skills.
  • 在中学物理教学中如何有效地培养提高学生的创新思维水平?。
    Mow to develop and improve students' innovative thinking ability effectively in middle school physical education?
  • 做你自己可以培养你的社交技巧,任何不欣赏你的女生都不值得你关注。
    It may help to develop and improve your social skills, but any girls that don"t appreciate you for who you are don"t deserve your attention.
  • 国际工业生物技术网络(IIBN)将帮助当地大学和中小企业开发和改进现有的生物技术产品。
    The International Industrial Biotechnology Network (IIBN) will help local universities and small-to-medium enterprises to develop and improve existing biotechnology products.
  • 欧足联在发展并持续改善各级别足球运动的同时回顾2010年,同时将这项运动未来的良性发展牢记于心。
    UEFA can look back on a series of fine achievements in 2010 as it continued to develop and improve football at all levels – with the future well-being of the game in mind.