Danger Zone

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Danger Zone - 危险地带,危险区,危险区域
Danger Waste zone - 危废区
potential danger region zone - 潜在危险区(带)
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危险地带; 危险区
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  • 当你开始清楚你想要成为什么样的人的时候危险地带就会出现。
    A danger zone exists when you get clear about where you want to be.
  • 低于25 度的山坡坡度太缓。危险的区域是在30-45 度之间,正好是人们喜欢滑雪和滑雪橇的角度。
    Slopes under 25 degrees are too general. The danger zone comes between 30 and 45 degrees, just where people like to ski and sled.
  • 当专家用塑料手镯测量孩子的时候,一些孩子已经处于危险区了。
    Some of the children appeared in the danger zone when a plastic bracelet was used for measurement.
  • 全世界的家畜也处于危险区中。
    The world's livestock are also in the danger zone.
  • 除非这种事应该向你汇报,不然的话你就危险了!
    Unless you are the person to whom this should be reported, you’re in the danger zone!
  • 除亚丁和保护良好的石油基础设施之外,对北方安全部队来讲,南方的大部分已经成为一个危险地区。
    Beyond Aden and the well-protected oil infrastructure, much of the south has become a danger zone for northern security forces.
  • 他们通常是站在校车“危险区域”周围被撞倒。
    They are hit in the "danger zone" around the bus.
  • 不久前,我们正在走向危险境地——市场开始怀疑你的可信度。
    Not long ago we were heading towards the danger zone where markets start to question your credibility.
  • 不要进入危险地带。
    ZONE】Don't come into the danger zone.
  • 好不容易天气终于好了些,一艘货船又闯进了警戒区东部,那一区域正在火箭的飞行路线之下。
    At one point, when weather finally cleared, an errant cargo ship strayed into the danger zone on the Eastern Range, a patch of restricted waters on the Atlantic Ocean over which rocket launches fly.
  • 默拉皮火山喷发出的火山灰云接近印尼Balerante的小村庄,当地居民逃离危险地带。
    Local residents evacute a danger zone as the Merapi volcano releases ash clouds near the village of Balerante in Indonesia.
  • 如今的工作场所已成了新兴的危险地带,为浪漫的爱情提供了滋生的机会。” 格拉斯这样说。
    "Today's workplace has become the new danger zone of romantic attraction and opportunity, " Glass writes.
  • 世界银行(World Bank)行长佐利克(Robert Zoellick)说,全球经济正处在危险区。
    'The world is in a danger zone, ' said World Bank President Robert Zoellick.
  • 佐立克 :我们仍然处于危险地带。
    ROBERT ZOELLICK: We're still in a danger zone.