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  • 无论身在阳台、起居室、卧室甚至浴室,皆可以饱览科特斯海壮阔的美景。
    Here, you can enjoy the sweeping Sea of Cortez views throughout: from the spacious terrace, sitting and bedroom areas, and even from the bathroom.
  • 这张照片名为“水底的悲哀”,拍摄的是一只在加利福尼亚湾被海底的一张网陷住的海龟。它获得了“环境与对话”领域的第三名。
    Titled "Underwater Sadness," a photograph of a sea turtle caught in a net in the Sea of Cortez (see map) won third place in the "Environment and Conservation" category.
  • 两种样式,功能相似的份额的形式,专利皮革鞋面和一个有趣的唯一发展,科迪斯符合全长耐克空气马克斯风格唯一单位。
    Both styles feature share similarities in the form of patent leather uppers and an interesting sole development with a Cortez meets full-length Nike Air Max - esque sole unit.
  • 这些幸运年中的其中一年科塔兹会着陆,对他的神圣形象给予信任。
    It was on one of these auspicious years that Cortez landed, thus giving credence to his god image.
  • 加州海岸的科尔特斯海已确定九种鱼的标本。
    Nine specimens of the fish have been identified from the Sea of Cortez up the California coast.
  • 为期两天的商业捕渔节每年吸引来数千名游客。
    The two-day Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival draws thousands of visitors each year.
  • 很快,唐为了拿到证明文件,往科罗拉多州科特兹的银行跑了十几趟,每次都要穿过失望山谷,单程就要开两个小时车。
    Before long, Don was making dozens of trips across Disappointment Valley, driving two hours each way, in order to get documents certified at the bank in Cortez, Colorado.
  • 科尔特斯距坦帕南部约一小时路程,是一个古老的渔村,约有500户人。 有些居民仍然在从事渔业生产。
    Cortez, about an hour south of Tampa, is an old fishing village that is home to about 500 families, including some residents that still work in the fishing business.