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n. 英语字母表的第二十六个字母,小写为 z
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z - (z,了z,2z型
Z理论 - Theory Z,theory Z,Z Theory
Z转换 - Z-transform,z-transform,Z-domain
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Bilingual sentences

  • Z一代的大多数人可能还无法合法驾驶汽车。
    Most of Generation Z can’t yet legally operate a car.
  • 但这些规则无法调用服务 Z,因为相应的业务规则组没有引用该服务。
    The rules cannot invoke service Z because that service is not referenced by the business rule group.
  • 我拼了一个ZAPS(打昏,攻击), 因为Z得了两倍的分数。 紧接着她碰到空调设备而触电。
    I play ZAPS, with the Z doubled, and she gets a static shock off the air conditioning unit.
  • Z一代是现代历史上最具突破性的一代。
    Generation Z is the most disruptive generation in modern history.
  • 这个例程检查字符是否在 A 到 Z 之间,然后将其转换为小写字母并将它直接和其他字符比较。
    This routine checks to see if a character is between A and Z, then converts it to lowercase and compares it; it compares other characters directly.
  • 我现在处在位于马赛诸塞州伯灵顿的Z公司,他们开发了一种可以像科幻电影中那样复制物品的技术。
    I’m in Burlington Massachusetts at the Z Corporation where they’ve developed a technology that similar does replicators you see in the sci-fi movies.
  • 胶子因此提供了所谓的强相互作用力,而W和Z波色子提供了弱相互作用力,它决定了某些放射性反应特性。
    Gluons thus provide what is known as the strong nuclear force, while W and Z bosons provide the weak nuclear force that regulates some forms of radioactivity.
  • 这本书包括从A到Z的开源代码,他们通过这本容易接受而且十分有趣的书来与读者分享他们的经验和知识。
    They share their experience and knowledge with the reader in an easy-to-read, interesting book that covers open source from A to Z.
  • 在上次测试之后,进程 A 和进程 Z 会出现差异,每个进程会采用单独的代码路径,就像路上出现岔道,每一个都会走上不同的分枝。
    After the previous test, Process A and Process Z diverge, each taking a separate code path, as if both came to a fork in the road and each took a distinct branch.
  • 注意 Z 方法显示在列,没有显示任何合并。
    Notice Z Method is listed and it shows no consolidation.
  • 他们不会通过了解前辈取得的成就来等待一个想法,Z一代是时髦风尚的带头人——通常从他们小学毕业开始。
    Instead of waiting for ideas to filter through the generations that came before, Generation Z-ers are tastemakers — often before they’re out of elementary school.
  • 如果服务器 Z 性能低下,那么这显然会影响其所有的 NFS 客户端。
    If Server Z is performing poorly, that obviously affects all of its NFS clients.
  • 如果持有Z签证的人符合包括缴税在内的所有签证条件,那么其持有的签证可再延长四年。
    If the holder of the Z visa met all its conditions, which include paying taxes, the visa could be renewed for another four years.
  • 当表持有 Z 锁时,任何并发应用程序都不能读取和更新该表中的数据。
    When a table holds a Z lock, no concurrent application can read or update data in that table.
  • 因此,每个点之前应该加上控制字符 L 作为前缀。 第三个控制字符 Z 关闭一条路径,这对于(多)多边形是必需的。
    Therefore, each point should be prefixed with the control character L. The third control character Z closes a path, which is needed for (multi-)polygons.
  • 在 ZFS 上校验和与元数据存储在一起,所以可以检测并更正错位写入 — 如果提供数据保护(RAID-Z)—。
    Checksums are stored with metadata in ZFS, so phantom writes can be detected and—if data protection is provided (RAID-Z)—corrected.