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Consort Xiang - 祥妃
Fu Xiang - 人浮想,得浮想,有时候你浮想
Yanmei Xiang - 向艳梅
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Bilingual sentences

  • 祥祥不知道如何,而且也能在家好好休息的变迁作者:昨天?
    Xiang Xiang did not know how, and to alsos good rest at home yesterday?
  • 其歌诗演唱的性质与功能,决定了相和歌辞独特的艺术构成;
    Its nature and function of song poem performance decided the art structure of Xiang He Ge.
  • 父亲,香儿,你们在那个世界还好吗?
    Father, Xiang, in that world, are you OK now?
  • 经过一个多月的训练以及治疗,刘翔昨天又出现在媒体面前。
    After over one month training and treatment, Liu Xiang appeared agin infront of the media.
  • 好想和家人一块过生日。每年都是和他们一起过。
    Hao Xiang and his family a birthday. Annually are with them too.
  • 而从刘翔预赛和半决赛的发挥来看,他对这枚金牌还是很有信心的。
    From Liu Xiang the preliminary and semi-final played on the gold medal, he is very confident.
  • 在这种背景下,A股市场上煤炭和新能源板块成了香饽饽,受到了各方资金的持续追捧。
    In this context, A stock market coal and new energy into Xiang Bobo plate by all sides continue funding sought after.
  • 在这张照片里,你可以看到翔过于向后拉动其引导臂的结果。
    In this photo, you can see the effect of Xiang pulling his lead arm too far back.
  • 听讲座的同学们也说,参加李湘客座教授的讲座非常有用。通过听她的讲座他们可以学到从事这一行业的直接经验。
    Students also said it was helpful to attend lectures given by guest professor Li Xiang. From them, they can learn from her experiences directly from the industry.
  • 他的同事们都说他是缩小了的费翔,我也这样认为。
    His colleagues said he is narrowed down fei xiang, I think so too.
  • 他的同事们都说他是缩小了的费翔,我也这样认为。
    His colleagues said he was reduced to Fei Xiang, I think so.
  • 在1980 年代内被出生,刘翔是我们的国家中最好的运动员之一。
    Born in the 1980s, Liu Xiang is one of the best athletes in our country.
  • 但是战场上的胜利证明项羽将军是正确的,社会学研究的年报也支持他的做法。
    But General Xiang Yu would be vindicated, both on the battlefield and in the annals of social science research.