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翅膀 / 机翼 / 房屋侧翼部 / 派系
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飞, 飞行; 装以翼, 使飞, 飞过
翅, 翼, 翅膀
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Bilingual sentences

  • 第一架班机向西飞回了家。
    The first of the airliners winged westwards and home.
  • 飞机降落沿跑道滑行的时候机翼擦到了一堆碎石。
    As the aeroplane went down the runway the wing touched a pile of rubble.
  • 现有20多家大公司随时准备接手其部分业务。
    There are now more than 20 big companies waiting in the wings to take over some of its business.
  • 大多数晚上我都是在边厢观看戏剧的开场。
    Most nights I watched the start of the play from the wings.
  • 过了一会儿,他们已然搭上飞机赶往南方了。
    A few moments later they were airborne and winging their way south
  • 右边锋把球传给中锋。
    The right wing passed the ball to the centre forward.
  • 我在村里生活很封闭,所以我想出去闯荡一番。
    I led a very confined life in my village so I suppose that I wanted to spread my wings.
  • 给我们在空置的大楼西翼分了一间办公室。
    We were given an office in the empty west wing.
  • 共有40多位房客,他们全部住在这家医院的一个病区。
    There were over 40 tenants, all occupying one wing of the hospital
  • 我们连对敌人左翼发动了突袭。
    Our company made a sudden charge on the left wing of the enemy.
  • 机翼显出有金属疲乏的迹象。
    The airplane wing showed signs of metal fatigue.
  • 鸟翅膀上的羽毛一片压着一片。
    One feather overlaps another on a bird's wing.
  • 我住在这栋房子的西厢房。
    I live in the West Wing of the house.
  • 左翼下垂至与地面成90度角。
    The left wing dipped until it was perpendicular to the ground.
  • 他们订购了一些绿色植物,以给盖伊医院的新配楼增添一抹亮色。
    They have ordered a bit of greenery to brighten up the new wing at Guy's Hospital.
  • 尽管右翼分子极力反对,拨款还是通过了。
    Despite strenuous objections by the right wing, the grant was agreed.
  • 鸟儿使劲地扑打着翅膀。
    The bird flapped its wings furiously
  • 他注意到机翼在一块一块地断裂。
    He noticed that fabric was tearing away from the plane's wing
  • 汽车碰撞时左侧的翼子板撞坏了。
    The nearside wing was damaged in the collision.
  • 61个小降落伞的标志被绘在左翼的正前面。
    Sixty-one small parachute symbols were painted on the left side just forward of the wing.
  • 老板充分意识到她的潜力后,对她关怀备至。
    Her boss took her under his wing after fully realizing her potential.
  • 这是一只非常美丽的蝴蝶,翼展2英寸。
    It is a very pretty butterfly, with a 2 inch wing span
  • 该方案的60万成员很快将获得一次发财的机会。
    A cash bonanza will be winging its way to the 600,000 members of the scheme
  • 她看见蛾子的翅膀偶尔会泛光。
    She saw the occasional glimmer of a moth's wings.