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adv. 故意地;任性固执地
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willfully - 故意,任性固执地,任意地
willfully mischaracterized - 任意篡改
Willfully Ambiguous - 蓄意地暧昧不明
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任性地 / 蓄意地
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任性固执地; 蓄意地
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这样会保护那些无意之间或因为幼稚而拥有秘密材料,还有那些因为任性而持有材料而自己没有意识到这是秘密材料的人员。
    This will protect those who inadvertently or naively come into possession of classified materials as well as those who willfully retain materials they do not realize are classified.
  • 现在是你重新找回自己的中心,把你故意放弃的能量找回来的时候了。
    Now is the time to find your center and work on getting some of that energy you willfully gave up back.
  • 因为如果我们认识真理之后,还故意犯背信的罪,就再没有另一个赎罪祭了。
    If we sin willfully after receiving knowledge of the truth, there is no longer sacrifice for sin.
  • 卡萨迪读道:“你是否认为卡恩斯博士提供的关于克莱斯勒公司恶意侵犯专利权的行为的证据是清晰而有说服力的?
    Ms. Cassady read, “Did you find that Dr. Kearns proved by clear and convincing evidence that Chrysler acted willfully when it infringed any of Dr. Kearns’ patents?
  • 和一些科技术语一样,这个词是故意拼错的。
    And like many techy terms, it is willfully misspelled.
  • 在预期接收方收到信息前,如果数据被有意或意外地更改或破坏,数据完整性就遭到了破坏。
    Data integrity can be compromised when information is corrupted or altered, willfully or accidentally, before its intended recipient reads it.
  • 举例来说,如果一个生意人故意违反了资源保护和恢复法(RCRA),个人和公司都将会因为犯罪被处以罚金形式的处罚。
    For example, if a businessperson willfully violates the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), both the person and the corporation may be subject to criminal penalties in the form of fines.
  • 甲骨文宣称谷歌知道这是他们的专利,并且‘蓄意地,从容不迫地'侵犯这些专利。
    Oracle alleges that Google was aware of its patents and 'willfully and deliberately' infringed them.
  • MySpace几乎是故意排斥年纪较长的人、智商比较高的人、以及更接近社会主流的人加入该网站。
    MySpace has almost willfully discouraged older people, smarter people, and more mainstream people from joining.
  • 这也许的确是个好主意,因为就像Mashable所指出的,蓄意毁坏法定货币是种联邦犯罪。
    Which actually might be a good idea, because as Mashable points out, willfully destroying legal tender is a federal crime.
  • 蓄意公开或者传播机密信息将违反联邦法律。
    It is against federal law to knowingly and willfully disclose or transmit classified information.
  • 他没有防卫——或把注意力引向——他个人的完全合情合理,被故意曲解的,也有可能潜在的不受欢迎的思想。
    He didn't defend -- or draw attention to -- his ownperfectly reasonable, willfully misinterpreted, and potentially unpopularideas.
  • 我们自愿地成为可怜的J.B.R,失去了这种分类与命名的能力,就失去了与世界的联系和我们在世界中的位置。
    We are willfully becoming poor J.B.R., losing the ability to order and name and therefore losing a connection to and a place in the living world.
  • 目前贝克汉姆在英格兰队的处境非常微妙,虽然卡佩罗没有像前任麦克拉伦早期那样故意忽视贝克汉姆。
    At present Beckham is subtle in the English team's situation, although Kapeiluo has not looked like Predecessor Maclaren early such neglect willfully Beckham.
  • 二月份,我们遇到了一匹被蓄意抛弃的小马,才四个月大,却已经瘫痪了。
    We had one in February of a willfully neglected horse that was only four months old, but had collapsed.
  • 被告微软被证实蓄意侵犯“449号专利”
    Defendant Microsoft is found to have infringed the ‘449 patent willfully.