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Dictionary explanation
n. 妻子,已婚妇女;夫人
Web explanation
Wife - 妻子,老婆,太太,媳妇
THE WIFE - 爱花钱的老婆,妻子,元配夫人,爱费钱的爱人
good wife - 贤内助,贤妻,好妻子,好媳妇
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Bilingual sentences

  • 约翰变了,他的妻子也变了。
    Just as John has changed, so has his wife
  • 我妻子刚生了孩子。
    My wife has just had a baby
  • 我和妻子发现了一些就餐的极好去处。
    My wife and I discovered some superb places to eat
  • 他因忘了妻子的生日而感到惭愧。
    He was abashed at forgetting his wife's birthday.
  • 我有一些关于孩子的文件需要我和妻子签字。
    I had papers relating to the children which my wife and I had to sign.
  • 起程的日子就要到了,我告诉妻子我不能陪他们了。
    As the day set for departure drew near, I told my wife that I could not accompany them.
  • 我和妻子租下这套乡间小屋已经一个月了。
    My wife and I have taken the cottage for a month.
  • 特里斯坦和妻子已经分居两年了。
    Tristan had been separated from his wife for two years.
  • 他和妻子都强烈支持堕胎权。
    He and his wife both strongly support abortion rights.
  • 3年前,我和老婆离了婚。我发现她和她老板有染。
    Three years ago my wife and I divorced. I caught her with her boss.
  • 我有一个妻子和两个年幼的孩子。
    I have a wife and two small children
  • 刚才和你说话的人是我老婆。
    That's my wife you were talking to
  • 她妻子生了一对双胞胎女孩。
    His wife gave birth to twin girls.
  • 他辞别了妻子便启程了。
    He bade his wife farewell and set out on his journey.
  • 他的妻子和我的父母在旁边时,我会极力躲着他。
    I would avoid him like the plague when his wife and my parents were around
  • 不久以后,他和妻子分居了。
    Soon afterwards he separated from his wife.
  • 他对妻子的感情转移了。
    His affections were turned from his wife.
  • 妻子给他戴绿帽子了。
    His wife had cuckolded him.
  • 你不能就那样抛弃我和我妻子。
    You can't run out on my wife and me like that.
  • 我现在宣布你们结为夫妻。
    I now pronounce you man and wife.
  • 有一天,他给她打电话,说他和妻子要来纽约。
    He called her up one day and said that he and his wife were coming to New York
  • 他娶了妻子并跟她生了两个女儿。
    He married a wife by whom he had two daughters.
  • 他37年前娶了妻子简。
    He married his wife Jane 37 years ago
  • 他的妻子和孩子们搬进了他们的新家,和他一起生活。
    His wife and children moved to join him in their new home