wet condition

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wet condition - 湿工况,或湿滑表面,湿状态
Wet Braise Condition - 湿蒸条件
wet cooling condition - 湿工况,湿法除尘
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Bilingual sentences

  • 而西南季风区湿润状况的明显改善发生在晚冰期,比东南季风区发生的早,显然这与两个季风系统的相互消长有一定的关系。
    The wet condition of southwestern China occurred clearly in late-Glacial, which is earlier than in southeastern China, suggesting that a balance occurred between these two monsoon systems.
  • 对于大豆蛋白纤维/棉混纺针织物,只有采用Sirospun纺纱方法对其在干湿两种状态下的抗起毛起球性能有显著提高。
    The fuzzing and pilling property under both dry and wet condition of the treated woven fabrics was improved significantly.
  • 旨在利用纤维对沥青的吸附稳定机理,探讨一种适用于高温潮湿环境既耐久,稳定性又好的沥青砼路面。
    Aiming to utilize adsorption stabilization mechanism of fiber for bitumen, probing into AC pavement both enduring and excellent stabilization which can be used in high temperature wet condition.
  • 结合实例确定出合理的空调室内计算参数,并对风机盘管加新风系统从湿工况改造为干工况进行了能耗分析。
    The reasonable calculation parameters for air-conditioning room are determined with examples, and the energy consumption for the primary air fan-coil system transferred from wet condition to dry condition is analyzed.
  • 试验结果表明:当碳纤维掺量为0.3%(质量分数,下同)时,碳纤维水泥砂浆导电主要以水化离子导电为主,其在潮湿状态下的电导率和电热温升均较干燥状态的大;
    Results show that when carbon fiber content is 0.3% mass fraction, electrical conduction depends on the hydrated ion mainly. Electrical conductivity and electro-thermal temperature rise under wet condition are superior to those under dry condition.
  • 农田植被和天然植被的植被指数变化规律不同;在植被全覆盖区域,植被指数与反照率成幂函数关系,在极干或极湿情况下,地表温度与反照率成线性关系;
    The relationship between the NDVI and the albedo is a power function in the fully covered areas by vegetation, and between the surface temperature and the albedo is a linear function in the dry or wet condition;
  • 石棉纤维湿法机械处理性能研究
    Study on Mechanical Treatment of Asbestos Fibres Under Wet Condition
  • 差别化柞桑弹力真丝在干态下的弹性伸长变形明显提高,在湿态下趋向稳定。
    Its elastic extension deformation is obviously improved in dry condition, but tends to be stable in wet condition.
  • 湿润条件下几种锦鸡儿属灌木的气体交换特征及调节机制
    Gas Exchange Characteristics and Regulation Mechanism of Several Caragana Shrubs Under Wet Condition
  • 试验证实,在潮湿条件下铜与氯化物、铁等金属氧化物接触时的化学和电化学腐蚀,退火加热使衬套产生了严重腐蚀。
    By synthesizing various testing results and using the simulation testing, the results showed that under wet condition, the copper contacted with chlorides and ion to cause chemical and electrochemical corrosion, and the heating for anneal made the copper tube corrosion seriously.
  • 用等效干工况法计算表冷器湿工况
    Using the Equivalent Dry Condition Method to Calculate the Wet Condition of Surface Cooling Coils
  • 潮湿时,遇阳光变色且自行分解。
    It changes color and decompounds automatically when exposes to sunshine under wet condition.