went through

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Bilingual sentences

  • 丈夫和女儿同样受不了我吃这些东西,所以几年前我们就开始共同经受这个痛苦经历。
    My husband and daughter have those same food intolerances, so we went through that steep learning curve a couple of years ago.
  • 你知道,我们经历了六个月的葬礼与眼泪,我以为这一切都已经结束了。
    You know, we went through six months of crying and funerals and I thought it was over.
  • 它经历了三次主要的种群数量下降——每次之前有一个极其干热的年份。
    It went through three major population declines -- each preceded by an extremely dry and hot year.
  • 而在有些州,将区并入城镇的努力也经历了通过与废除相互交织的多舛命运。
    In some states, the centralization of districts into towns went through waves of passage and repeal.
  • 你本应该绕过急诊处、急救室和所有你所经历的那些医疗层级。
    You would have bypassed the urgent care, ER and all the other layers you went through.
  • 盖特纳:“我认为,相比之下,它将使我们刚刚经历的危机看起来很是温和。”
    TIMOTHY GEITHNER: "I think it would make the crisis we just went through look modest in comparison.
  • 他们的经历告诉我们,当生活发生了意料不到的事情时,我们要如何面对现实。
    What they went through shows us the reality of what we have to face when life doesn’t go the way we plan.
  • 那是源于我个人成长过程中走过的经历,这些经历造就了今天的我。
    It is the experiences I went through while growing up that have made me who I am today.
  • 从那根道钉穿过他的大脑之后他就完全变了一个人。
    He was a different person after that spike went through his brain.
  • 我们经历了三个教练。
    We went through three coaches.
  • 回想过去,我在转变自己和金钱关系这方面曾经经历了五个阶段。
    In retrospect, there are five phases I went through to change my relationship with money.
  • 认识我的人都知道我的经历。
    People who know me know what I went through.
  • 她经历了一些真正困难的时期并且我感到因为她的勇敢我们成为了今天的我们。
    She went through some really difficult times and I feel like we are what we are because of her bravery.
  • 不像通过航空公司网站直接进行预订一样,客户需要等几分钟才知道他们的预订是否被处理。
    Unlike booking directly on an airline website, consumers have to wait a couple of minutes to find out if their booking went through.
  • 我们还一起穿过去。
    And we went through it together.