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Dictionary explanation
n. 重量,重力;负担;砝码;重要性
vt. 加重量于,使变重
n. (Weight)人名;(英)韦特;(捷)魏格特
Web explanation
Weight - 重量,体重,重
Gross Weight - 毛重,总重量,总重
Body weight - 体重,体重,低温
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Bilingual sentences

  • 说倾听者和他们一起分担忧愁似乎不大合适,他不仅和他们一样感觉到了悲伤,而且似乎在他们的心理负担减轻了之后,自己又得到了一些悲伤。
    He not only feels a sorrow of the same kind with that which they feel, but as if he had derived a part of it to himself, what he feels seems to alleviate the weight of what they feel.
  • 你不会有什么损失的,除了你的体重。
    You have nothing to lose, except some weight.
  • 如果你非常关心你的体重,或者对于你的体重有所困惑,可以咨询你的医生。
    If you ever have questions or concerns about your weight, talk it over with your doctor.
  • 有些时候两个都重要,所以如果我告诉你这里不仅有,最大重量还有最大容量,我们应该怎么解决这个问题呢?
    So how would we go about solving this problem if I told you not only was there a maximum weight, but there was a maximum volume.
  • 冰太薄,承受不了你们的重量。
    The ice is too thin to bear your weight.
  • 你刚开始举起的重量应该是有难度的。
    The amount of weight you start with should be difficult.
  • 我们感到整个世界的重量都压在我们身上而且我们再也不能带着这份沉重迈出一步。
    We feel that the whole weight of the world rests upon us and we cannot carry it one step further.
  • 什么是重量?
    What is weight?
  • 例如,如果装了一台很大的舷外发动机,船只可能会因其重量而变得不平衡,尾部偏重,用俗话说倾向于在水中“蹲着”,而影响航行。
    With a very large outboard motor, for example, the boat may be imbalanced by having that weight far astern and may "squat" in the water and not sail as well.
  • 学生们按身高和体重重新进行了编组。
    The students were regrouped according to height and weight.
  • 空气不仅占据空间,而且它还具有重量。
    Air not only occupies space but it also has weight.
  • 这块钢板的重量是一吨。
    The weight of this steel plate is one ton.
  • 然而这些人很难发现,一旦你发现他们,他们拥有金子般重量的财富价值。
    While these people are hard to find, they are worth their weight in gold once you find them.
  • 他说这话的时候好像全世界的重量都压在他身上。
    He sounds as if he has the weight of the world on him.
  • 当你进食后,你的身体也会加上那部分重量的。
    When you eat it, your body will add that weight as well.
  • 气体几乎没有重量。
    Gas has hardly any weight.