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Dictionary explanation
n. 财富;大量;富有
Web explanation
Wealth - 财富,财富,财产
Uncommon wealth - 还有不同
social wealth - 社会财富
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财富, 富裕, 丰富
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Bilingual sentences

  • 人们不应把财富等同于幸福。
    One should not equate wealth with happiness.
  • 这则故事的寓意是什么?如果你希望积累长久的财富,就不要借钱给蚱蜢。
    What is the moral of this fable? If you want to accumulate enduring wealth, do not lend to grasshoppers.
  • 但是尽管财富提供了物质上的利益,我相信一个人应该放弃追求唯物主义,而应该把注意力集中到追求幸福上去。
    But in spite of the material benefits wealth provides, I believe one should abandon the pursuit of materialism and instead concentrate on the pursuit of happiness.
  • 健康的丧失比财富的损失更为重要。
    Loss of health is more serious than loss of wealth.
  • 调查报告中说,这可能是因为她们并不认为自己的极大财富就是成功的全部意义所在。
    The report on the survey said that is possibly because they do not view their extreme wealth as defining their success.
  • 我们知道科学会创造财富和工作。
    We know that science creates wealth and jobs.
  • 她牺牲荣誉以换取财富。
    She exchanged honour for wealth.
  • 但报告警告说,这会构成新的挑战-尤其是在对这种新财富如何管理方面。
    But as the report warns, this poses new challenges - especially in how this new wealth is managed.
  • 毕竟,这些对于财富和增长来说都是好事。
    After all, that is good for wealth and good for growth.
  • 他说:“我们比这个星球上曾经生活过的99.9%的人们拥有更多的财富、健康和舒适,而且我们感觉同任何人曾有的感觉一样的好。”
    "We have more wealth, health and comforts than 99.9 percent of the people who have ever lived on the planet, and we feel as good as anyone ever has," he says.
  • 我们为什么要继续沉溺于由这种生产方式产生的巨大的财富在时机成熟时将成为所有人都可以拥有的这个神话呢?
    Why do we continue to indulge the myth that the fabulous wealth generated by this mode of production will in the fullness of time become available to all?
  • 什么是财富?
    What is wealth?
  • 三位老人再次异口同声地答道:“如果你邀请‘财富’或是‘成功’, 我们中的另外两个就会待在外面, 但是既然你邀请了‘爱’, 无论他走到哪里, 我们都会跟着他。
    The old men replied together:“If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would have stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever HE goes, we go with him.