vocal cord

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[解剖] 声带;声襞
Web explanation
vocal cord - 声带,声带
vocal-cord vibration - 声带振动
vocal polyp cord - 声带息肉
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Bilingual sentences

  • 医生说,她喉咙里长了一个瘤,虽然切除了,却破坏了声带,可能再也讲不了话了。
    Doctor said, In her throat steadily a lump, Although has excised, Destroyed the vocal cord actually, Possibly again also could not deliver the speech.
  • 纽约(路透社健康专栏)-根据过敏,哮喘和免疫学年鉴发表的一项研究表明,声带功能异常常被误诊为哮喘。
    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Vocal cord dysfunction is often misdiagnosed as asthma, according to a study published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.
  • 我气愤地反驳说,他们的声带仿佛被上帝吻过,一点都没有的伤。
    I retorted angrily: “their vocal cord sounds as if it was kissed by god, without any hurt.
  • 结论支撑喉镜下的喉显微治疗声带任克氏间隙水肿,创伤小、疗效确切,易于在基层医院普及推广。
    Conclusion self-retaining laryngoscope microsurgery under the treatment of vocal cord Reinke's edema might little trauma, effective, easy to popularize in the primary hospital.
  • 声音沙哑可以是胸主动脉瘤或是无痛性主动脉剥离的唯一表现,声带的功能在经过成功的修补后可能可以复原。
    Hoarseness may be the only presentation of thoracic aortic aneurysm or painless dissection. Vocal cord function can return after successful repair.
  • 下面有八对辅音,它们的区别就在于声带是否振动。
    There're 8 pairs of consonants that differ only in the presence or lack of vocal cord vibration.
  • 在电视上颁发给她的是“最受欢迎流行/摇滚专辑”(疯狂畅销数百万的《21》),但很可惜她没能亲自去领奖,因为刚做完声带手术的她正在疗养恢复中。
    On camera, she won for favorite pop/rock album for her multi-million-selling smash "21", but sadly wasn't able to be there to accept it, since she's recovering from vocal cord surgery.
  • 疤痕组织比健康的声带组织更硬,它破坏了喉咙的正常振动,阻止了不同律音的产生。
    Scar tissue is much stiffer than healthy vocal cord tissue and disrupts the natural vibrations of the voicebox, preventing the production of different musical notes.
  • 结果调查显示患者的职业、工作环境、饮酒、用声时间、嗓音误用5个因素是致声带良性疾病的危险因素。
    Results Five factors such as career, noisy environment, drinking, time-dependant of vocal sound and noise discussion were risk factors of benign disorders of vocal cord.
  • 来自佐治亚州Rossville的16岁的Alaina在周二演唱完事评委们最看好的,尽管她的声带受伤,需要治疗。
    Sixteen-year-old Alaina from Rossville, Georgia, had been the judges' favourite after Tuesday's final sing-off, despite a vocal cord injury which required medical treatment.
  • 目的研究犬声带切除术后的重建。
    Objective To make an assessment of the reconstruction of dogs vocal cord after cordectomy in experimental study.
  • VEGF对声带息肉发生过程中组织极度水肿的产生可能有非常重要的作用。
    The VEGF may play a key role in the formation of heavy edema of vocal cord polyps.
  • ①目的 探讨声带息肉病人手术前后嗓音声学参数的变化与手术疗效的关系。
    Effect of microwave therapy for vocal cord polyp under laryngofiberscope and prop-up laryngoscope performed.
  • 而心脏外的横纹肌瘤非常少见,医学文献上只有零星的报告。
    There have only been 10 cases of vocal cord rhabdomyoma reported in the literature until now.
  • 喉黏膜变肿并分泌出黏液。由于过度吸烟、饮酒或使用声带而引起的慢性喉炎的症状是喉部干燥并长息肉。
    The larynx's lining becomes swollen and secretes mucus. In chronic laryngitis, caused by excessive smoking, drinking, or vocal-cord use, the larynx is dry and has polyps.
  • 方法:对声带息肉42例,会厌囊肿5例患者,施行单独鼻窦镜下或鼻窦镜联合支撑喉镜下切除病变组织。
    Methods:42 patients with polyp at vocal cord, 5patients with cyst of epiglottis were operated by nasal endoscopiy or nasal endoscopiy combined with supporting laryngoscope.
  • 目的:探讨电子喉镜下巨大声带息肉摘除术的可行性及疗效。
    Objective: To explore the effect of the excision of the huge vocal cord polyp by an electronic laryngoscope.