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adv. 控制不住地
Web explanation
Uncontrollably - 失控,控制不住,么么哒
giggle uncontrollably - 情不自禁地咯咯笑
bleed uncontrollably - 无法控制地出血
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Bilingual sentences

  • 对许多司机来说,油门失控是一件极其可怕的事情。
    For many drivers, there is something fundamentally terrifying about a car that accelerates uncontrollably.
  • 一位穿着蓝色T恤的妇女坐在床上,不由自主地抽泣起来。
    A woman in a blue T-shirt sat on the bed and sobbed uncontrollably.
  • 在他身边有一个男人,衬衫被鲜血浸透,他的女儿恐怕已经死去。 他禁不住地啜泣,指责安全不够到位。
    Next to him a man in a blood-soaked shirt, whose daughter was feared dead, sobbed uncontrollably as he blamed security lapses.
  • 就像几个唐代故事所示,狐狸让它们附身的人产生幻觉,受害者会不可控制地发疯、胡言乱语和哀号。
    As several Tang stories show, foxes created illusionary visions for those they possessed, and the victims would go mad, talk nonsense, and laugh and wail uncontrollably.
  • 他以为只是感冒,但是他开始不受控制地颤抖,于是他打了911电话。
    He figured it was just the flu, but when he started shaking uncontrollably, he called 911.
  • 她还说,这可能会阻止损坏的细胞像肿瘤一样失控般地增长。
    This would prevent damaged cells from growing uncontrollably as tumors, she said.
  • 树林里的那些灌木丛开始肆意地生长,像我们发现那里以前一样。
    The brush in wooded patch proceeded to grow uncontrollably, as it had before we discovered it.
  • 现在,我35岁了,当我开始梦见闹鬼的房子,并且抑制不住担心未来时,我知道又一次发作正在迫近。
    Now, at 35, when I start dreaming of haunted houses and worrying uncontrollably about the future, I know another episode is looming.
  • 她们身着轻薄透明的外衣和各类饰带,喜欢在雨中舞蹈,一见到猫狗走失的寻找启事便会情不自禁,潸然泪下。
    She wears gauzy blouses and braids. She likes to dance in the rain and she weeps uncontrollably if she sees a sign for a missing dog or cat.
  • 当我走进房间时我发现我的病人的鼻子和嘴里正不停的流血。
    Inside the room I found my patient with blood spilling uncontrollably from her mouth and nose.
  • 没有哪个地方的未能解决的小争端——可怕的是,这些小冲突有可能失控,逐步扩大——比这个地区的无数小岛更明显的了。
    Nowhere is the inability to resolve minor disputes--and the frightening potential for those skirmishes to escalate uncontrollably--more apparent than across the region's countless tiny islands.
  • 这意味着你的血液不会凝固,你会控制不住地出血。
    This means your blood does not clot and you will bleed uncontrollably.