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Dictionary explanation
vi. trot的变形
Web explanation
trotted - 小跑,小跑了
Trotted Off - 绝尘而去
trotted out - 外出散步
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快步走, 小跑步走; 使小跑; 老是提出; 带领, 陪伴; 炫耀地出示
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Bilingual sentences

  • 那匹马沿着大路小跑而去。
    The horses trotted down the road.
  • 这些受测试者除了看起来恼怒外,他们还表现出厌恶的冷笑。
    In addition to looking peeved, they also trotted out those sneers of disgust.
  • 她很紧张,发言速度有点太快了。
    She was rather nervous and trotted through her speech a bit too quickly.
  • 麦克刚赶去超市了,但是他可能很快就会回来。
    Mike's just trotted off to the supermarket, but he should be back soon.
  • 不一会,一只狗小跑着到了窗边,他看了看启事就进去了。
    A short time afterwards, a dog trotted up to the window, saw the sign and went inside.
  • 马小跑着进入圆形马戏场。
    The horses trotted into the circus ring.
  • 他们跟在他身后疾走。
    They trotted along behind him
  • 他快步追了上去。
    He trotted after the other men.
  • 狗沿着小路小跑过来迎接我。
    The dog trotted down the path to greet me.
  • 我小步跑下台阶,奔向外面的小屋。
    I trotted down the steps and out to the shed
  • 上鞍一阵小跑到了一个小山上。
    Saddled up and trotted into the hills.
  • 他匆匆走向卡车并转动点火开关,结果没有任何反应。
    He trotted to the truck and switched on the ignition. Nothing happened.
  • 他在屋里快步地到处走来走去,对一切都显得很感兴趣。
    He trotted around the room, showing an interest in everything.
  • 她咬这鞋子朝家的方向跑并停在了山顶上。
    She trotted toward home, but stopped at the top of the hill.
  • 马在路上小跑着。
    The horse trotted down the road.
  • 80匹马小跑起来。
    Eighty horses trotted up.
  • 女儿赶紧追了上去,把湿手按在老婆裙子上。
    My daughter trotted to catch up with her and pressed her wet hands on her dress.