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Dictionary explanation
n. 部落;族;宗族;一伙
n. (Tribe)人名;(英)特赖布
Web explanation
Tribe - 部落,族,部落
Alasha tribe - 阿拉什
The Tribe - 片,部落,她的部族乐团
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部落 / 大群 / 紧密联系的群体
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部落, 部族
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这部落的许多风俗、仪式都极其古老。
    Many of the tribe's customs and rituals are as old as the hills.
  • 这是我的部落,他们不是失败者。
    This is my tribe. they're not losers.
  • 这是在暖温带森林发现的一个小的部落。
    This is a small tribe found in warm-temperate forests.
  • 便来到了一个友好的部落。
    We came across a friendly tribe.
  • 一个奇特的部落和它的文化面临外来新挑战。
    A unique tribe and its culture face new challenges from the outside world.
  • 对一个部落有重大意义的一座山峰可能就是一处圣地。
    A sacred site might be a mountain that is of some significance to a tribe.
  • 那帮为分摊吃喝账单而争吵的令人非常讨厌的家伙
    the particularly unpleasant tribe who argue over the splitting of restaurant and bar bills.
  • 他的调解可能会帮上该部落的忙。
    His intercession could be of help to the tribe
  • 搞错部落了,皮马族是和白人并肩作战的。
    Different tribe, the Pimas fought on the side of the white man.
  • 这个边远的部落直到最近和外界几乎都没有什么联系。
    Until recently, this remote tribe had little contact with the outside world.
  • 山谷里居住着达尼部落。
    The valley is inhabited by the Dani tribe.
  • 他们在那些原始部落中看到了未开化的生活。
    They saw life in the raw among those wild tribe.
  • 村里的部落很友善,他们会和你一起分享水源。
    The village tribe is friendly and they share their water supply with you
  • 该部落早在几百年前就已经消亡了。
    The tribe had died out centuries before.