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n. 试验;审讯;努力;磨炼
adj. 试验的;审讯的
n. (Trial)人名;(法)特里亚尔
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Bilingual sentences

  • 审判长宣布审讯暂时中止。
    The trial was recessed by the presiding judge.
  • 在审判庭上,他一遍又一遍的说,他之所以这样做是为了让良心得到安稳。 但是却没有人相信他。
    At the trial he said over and over that he had done it to settle his conscience, but nobody listened to him.
  • 别的时候他们没有思考就开始行动;试着从试验和错误中找到解决办法。
    Other times they begin to act without thinking; they try to find a solution by trial and error.
  • 我依然可以坚持自己是清白的,把一切都压在审判上。
    I could still insist upon my innocence and hazard all upon a trial.
  • 审判是在另一座城市,开车大约一个小时的路程。
    The trial was in another town, about an hour`s drive away.
  • 他们必须将他带到罗马审判。
    They have to take him to Rome for trial.
  • 迄今为止,这是该疗法唯一的试验。
    Sofar this is the only trial of the treatment.
  • 下一步就是通过干预性的试验继续向前发展,看看是否在人类中具有治疗价值。
    The next step is to move forward with an intervention trial to see if there is therapeutic value in people.
  • 审讯结果表明这个组织中有几个主要人物都牵连在案。
    The trial resulted in the implication of several major figures in the organization.
  • 这种制造方法是在长期试验过程中逐步形成的。
    This method of manufacture evolved out of a long process of trial.
  • 在审判期间她就随身带着这张照片吗?
    And had she had it with her during the trial?
  • 什么是试验注册?
    What is trial registration?
  • 如果对试用不感兴趣,你会发现下面还有不少特性条目呢,每一个特性最后都是“了解更多”这样的链接,指向的页面对该特性进行了详细的介绍。
    If you’re not interested in the trial, there are more features below to persuade you, each one ending with a “Learn more” link to a more detailed feature page.
  • 所以你可以看到苏格拉底的审判,你们所读到的简短演说,发生时的场景是笼罩在军事败北,抵抗,阴谋与背叛的阴影之中。
    So you can see that the trial of Socrates the little speech that you have read takes place in the shadow of military defeat of resistance of conspiracy and betrayal.
  • 他将是审判该案的陪审员。
    He will sit on the jury at the trial.
  • 我们打算再试一下。
    We purpose another trial.
  • 审判的那天,在惯例的问候后,律师开始他的陈述。
    On the day of trial, after the conventional greeting, the lawyer began his statements.