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Dictionary explanation
n. 趋势,倾向;走向
vt. 使…趋向
vi. 趋向,伸向
n. (Trend)人名;(英)特伦德
Web explanation
Trend - 趋势,趋向,倾向
trend - 趋向性
Trend analysis - 趋势分析,走势分析,趋势分析法
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趋势, 方位, 倾向
伸向, 通向, 倾向
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这一举措符合让公司的法律专员在单位内部做更多的工作,而不是将工作分包给律师事务所的趋势。
    The move is consistent with a trend for corporate legal staffs to do more work in-house, instead of farming it out to law firms
  • 和解的潮流不可逆转。
    The trend of d é tente cannot be reversed.
  • 拥有房屋所有权者人数减少的趋势可能会持续。
    The downward trend in home ownership is likely to continue.
  • 你需要一长串的数据才能看出这一趋势。
    You need a long series of data to be able to discern such a trend
  • 这是日益显著的趋势。
    This is a growing trend.
  • 当其他报纸的发行量越来越少时,我们却逆势而进。
    While other newspapers are losing circulation, we are bucking the trend
  • 眼下时尚趋向于穿着随便。
    Today's trend is toward less formal clothing.
  • 事实上,将来我们看到的是那种趋势的延续。
    What we'll see in the future is, in fact, a continuation of that trend.
  • 该唱片已证明大获成功,并且很可能会引导潮流。
    The record has already proved a success and may well start a trend.
  • 比分下降的趋势发生逆转,分数又开始逐渐上升了。
    The downward trend went into reverse and the scores started to creep up again.
  • 我敢肯定,莱尔会对这种社会新潮流发表非常尖刻的评论。
    Lyle, I'm sure, would have had a very tart comment to make about this new social trend.
  • 现在的趋势是追求“有品位”的电子产品——人们渴望拥有那些黑色锃亮、非常炫丽的东西。
    The trend now is towards 'lifestyle' electronics — black, shiny gee-whiz things that people like to own.
  • 物价的趋向是仍在上涨。
    The trend of prices is still upwards.
  • 历史发展的总趋势是不可改变的。
    The general trend of history is unalterable.
  • 阻止这种健康发展的趋势是没有道理的。
    It would be perverse to stop this healthy trend