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Dictionary explanation
adj. 极大的,巨大的;惊人的;极好的
Web explanation
tremendous - 巨大的,非常多的,极大的
tremendous effort - 九牛二虎之力
Tremendous changes - 变化巨大,巨大的或剧烈的变化,巨大变化
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极大的 / 强烈的 / 极好的
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巨大的, 可怕的, 非常的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这使我如何和为什么工作以及我的愿望是什么有了极大的改变。
    It has made a tremendous difference in how I work, why and, in what my aspirations are.
  • 拖延的确极大的损坏了我们和他人。
    Procrastination does tremendous damage to us and others.
  • 在有些领域取得了巨大进展。
    There have been areas of tremendous progress.
  • 这巨大的成就是如何实现的?
    How did this tremendous success come about?
  • 考虑所有与这些失败相关的时间、金钱、工作和失去的机会,对于一个企业来说这都是极大的消耗。
    Considering all the time, money, effort, and lost opportunities associated with these failures, they are a tremendous drain on an organization.
  • 这些人的共同点除了在各自的技术领域获得极大成就之外,他们都愿意花几千万美元进行为期一周半的太空旅行。
    What they have in common, other than tremendous success in the tech industry, is a willingness to pay tens of millions of dollars for a week and a half in space.
  • 我这样说是因为它给市场带来的巨大的流动性。
    I say that because it gives tremendous liquidity to the markets.
  • 我们认为,合成细胞将具有巨大的前景,不仅仅是在理解生物学基础上,而且很可能帮我们应对环境和社会问题。
    So we think synthetic cells are going to have tremendous potential, not only for understanding the basis of biology but for hopefully environmental and society issues.
  • 如果你让你那运动里的天才们来为它做贡献,你也许就会得到巨大的成功。
    If you allow all the talent in your movement to contribute to that, you might have a tremendous success.
  • 这一成就在健康方面的影响将是巨大的。
    The health impact of this achievement is likely to be tremendous.
  • 这是一个巨大的转变。
    This is a tremendous shift.
  • 视频对于任何年龄的人都是一个巨大的资源。
    The videos are a tremendous resource for students of any age.
  • 我在22岁的时候开始了我自己的成长旅程,而在生命里的改变是如此的巨大。
    I have started my journey when I was 22 and the changes that have happened in my life are tremendous!
  • 它现在正以惊人的速度直冲他们驶来。
    It now came straigh towards them at tremendous speed.
  • 他说,虽然这两个国家做出了巨大的努力,但是难民们的情况仍然很凄惨。
    He said despite the tremendous efforts of those two countries, the situation for the refugees is deplorable.
  • 这也意味着我们可以保证在很短的时间交货,这对于我们的客户也很重要,因为他们对这个系统有巨大需求。
    This also means we can promise a very short delivery time, which is important for our customer since they have a tremendous need for this system.
  • 你周围的人面临着巨大的交付压力,他们包括你的项目经理,你的客户,你的同事,尤其是你自己。
    The people around you are under tremendous pressure to deliver software, including your manager, your client, your colleagues, and especially you.
  • 这一政策的采取将替他们解除一个巨大的负担。
    The adoption of this policy would relieve them of a tremendous burden.
  • 这里发生了巨大的变化。
    Tremendous changes have taken place here.
  • 你同样会发现在其它领域,甚至在那些看来拥有同样头衔的人之间,薪酬也有巨大的差距,无论是秘书还是CEO。
    And you'll find tremendous pay differences in other fields as well, even among people who appear to have the same job title, whether it be secretary or CEO.
  • 我们为了按照国际货币基金组织的‘处方’行事,遭受了巨大的痛苦和磨难,但我们必须那样做。
    We went through tremendous pain and suffering trying to follow the prescription of the IMF but we had to do it," he said.
  • 不同类型的沙、地形、风向和气候相结合,形成了各种巨大的奇异景观。
    Different types of sand, topography, wind and climate combine to form a tremendous variety of landscapes.