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Dictionary explanation
n. 树;木料;树状物
vt. 把...赶上树
vi. 爬上树;逃上树
n. (Tree)人名;(英)特里
Web explanation
tree - 树,树木,乔木
family tree - 家族树,家谱,家庭树
Suffix Tree - 后缀树,后缀树实现,字尾树
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Bilingual sentences

  • 他把那棵树的皮剥掉了。
    He peeled the bark off that tree.
  • 在离开那里之前,他在树上刻上了痕记。
    He nicked the tree before he left there.
  • 藤蔓缠绕着树。
    Vines enlaced the tree.
  • 这男孩一跃跳上了那棵树。
    The boy banged up the tree.
  • 今年春天这棵老树长出了新枝。
    The old tree sprouted in this spring.
  • 他从一棵老树上砍下一根树枝,当作手杖拄着。
    He hewed a branch from an old tree, and used it as a stick.
  • 所有的桃子都在树上烂掉了。
    All the peaches rotted on the tree.
  • 这棵树向东边倾斜。
    The tree tips to the east.
  • 他倚在那棵树上。
    He leaned against the tree.
  • 该犬在树上留下了它的臭迹。
    The dog scent-marked on the tree.
  • 一个衣衫褴褛的男人从树后面走出来。
    A ragged man emerged from behind the tree.
  • 它从一粒种子长成一棵成熟的大树。
    It developed from a seed into a full-grown tree.
  • 我从树上摘下来一个苹果。
    I twisted an apple off the tree.
  • 树皮从树上脱落了。
    The bark scaled off the tree.
  • 他从树上跌落了下来,把髋关节摔脱了臼。
    He was hipped when he dropped from the tree.
  • 他从这棵树上扯下一根树枝。
    He rived a branch away from the tree.
  • 他敏捷地一闪身, 躲到了树后。
    He dodged nimbly behind a tree.
  • 他的专业是心理学,这是知识之树上的一个重要分枝。
    His speciality was psychology -- one important branch on the great tree of knowledge.
  • 树往房子那边倾斜。
    The tree leans toward the house.
  • 长长的藤葛盘绕在树身上。
    Long vines swirl round the tree.
  • 把树上的苹果都摘下来。
    Pick all the apples off the tree.
  • 这棵树很快开花了。
    The tree blossomed quickly.
  • 他将一枝嫩枝嫁接到一颗老树上。
    He grafted a shoot in an old tree.
  • 他生气地用他的剑猛戳那棵树。
    He jabbed at the tree angrily with his sword.
  • 这棵树开始抽枝了。
    The tree began to branch out.
  • 倒下的树刚刚擦过他的椅子。
    The falling tree just grazed his chair.
  • 院子里的葡萄藤绕在一棵大树上。
    The vine in the garden winds around a big tree.
  • 他的汽车一头撞到了树上。
    His car directly struck a tree.
  • 那辆汽车撞到了树上。
    The car smote against a tree.