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n. 条约,协议;谈判
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Bilingual sentences

  • 两个国家都是《核不扩散条约》的签约国。
    Both countries are signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
  • 只有同意他们的条件,他们才会在联盟条约上签字。
    They will sign the union treaty only on their terms.
  • 条约现在失去了绝对的约束力。
    The treaty is now void of absolute commitments.
  • 和约在巴黎签订。
    The peace treaty was signed in Paris.
  • 欧盟将于6月1日前完成条约的批准。
    The EU will now complete ratification of the treaty by June 1.
  • 下一任首相可能会废除这个条约。
    The next prime minister could abrogate the treaty.
  • 这份协议将被纳入即将签署的国家条约中。
    This agreement will be embedded in a state treaty to be signed soon.
  • 旨在制定出一个新的世界贸易条约的谈判已经进行了6年。
    Talks aimed at producing a new world trade treaty have been under way for six years.
  • 《部分禁止核试验条约》禁止在大气层中进行核试验。
    The Partial Test-Ban Treaty bans nuclear testing in the atmosphere.
  • 针对统一条约的序文出现了争论。
    The controversy has arisen over the text of the preamble to the unification treaty