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Dictionary explanation
n. 治疗,疗法;处理;对待
Web explanation
Treatment - 治疗,处理,待遇
preferential treatment - 优惠待遇,特惠待遇,优待
accounting treatment - 会计处理,会计处理方式,账务处理
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治疗, 处置, 待遇
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Bilingual sentences

  • 几名警官因割伤和擦伤而接受了医治。
    Several police officers received medical treatment for cuts and bruises.
  • 我们不想要任何特殊待遇。
    We don't want any special treatment
  • 医生正致力于更好地了解这种疾病,并使治疗方法尽可能完善。
    Doctors are concentrating on understanding the disease better, and on optimizing the treatment
  • 有些病人停止了治疗。
    Some of the patients left off treatment.
  • 他对湿疹治疗的看法过于简单化。
    He has a simplistic view of the treatment of eczema
  • 联合化疗是一种有望治愈全世界所有麻风病患者的有效治疗方法。
    MDT is an effective treatment and could cure all the leprosy sufferers worldwide
  • 他对待克里斯的态度最初让金尼感到无比愤怒,后来慢慢转变成了怨恨。
    Ginny's initial rage at his treatment of Chris had simmered down to resentment.
  • 凯文接受了治疗,但条件是他要努力克服自身的酗酒问题。
    Kevin had treatment on the understanding that he would attempt to overcome his drinking problem.
  • 你可以得到免费的牙齿治疗。
    You can get free dental treatment.
  • 她将被审问,监禁,然后再被提审,接受通常所说的“全套款待”。
    She'll be interrogated, jailed, interrogated again, get what's usually known as the full treatment.
  • 污水排放之前应该进行更充分的处理。
    There should be greater treatment of sewage before it is discharged
  • 专门诊治笼养鸟类的兽医
    a veterinary surgeon who specialises in the treatment of cage birds.
  • 如果你有朋友或家人要过来住,那就搞得特别一些,给予他们以热情款待。
    If you've got friends or family coming to stay, make it really special by giving them the full treatment
  • 跟所有油性头发的护理一样,必须要先用洗发露。
    As with all oily hair treatments, shampoo needs to be applied first.
  • 他是治疗癌症病人的专家。
    He specialized in treatment of cancer patients.
  • 替代疗法能为传统的治疗提供有效的辅助。
    Alternative treatments can provide a useful back-up to conventional treatment.
  • 药剂师能帮你治疗一般的病痛。
    The pharmacist can assist you with the treatment of common ailments.
  • 治疗结束后,病人将与其他人隔离3天到1个月的时间。
    Patients will be isolated from other people for between three days and one month after treatment
  • 有一系列治疗湿疹的油膏和乳膏可以买到。
    A range of ointments and creams is available for the treatment of eczema
  • 很多病人没有得到他们需要的医治。
    Many patients are not getting the medical treatment they need.
  • 他急需入院治疗。
    He was in dire need of hospital treatment.
  • 进一步的治疗将阻止癌症恶化。
    Further treatment will prevent cancer from developing
  • 合理的治疗方法就是清除堵塞物。
    The logical treatment is to remove this blockage.
  • 吉姆受到了不应有的苛刻待遇。
    Jim's treatment was harsh and undeserved.
  • 他经过针刺恢复了听力。
    He regained his listening after receiving acupuncture treatment.