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Dictionary explanation
n. 请客;款待
vi. 探讨;请客;协商
vt. 治疗;对待;探讨;视为
n. (Treat)人名;(英)特里特
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Bilingual sentences

  • 理想的状况是有足够的设备和财力治疗每一位病人。
    In a perfect world, there would be the facilities and money to treat every sick person.
  • 明天我将犒劳一下自己——享受一天的园艺乐趣。
    Tomorrow I'll treat myself to a day's gardening
  • 大约70%的可可树林地喷过杀虫剂。
    About 70% of the cocoa acreage is treated with insecticide
  • 那个男孩因头部轻伤接受了治疗。
    The boy was treated for a minor head wound
  • 这次由我请客。
    This is my treat.
  • 她总是请他吃冰激凌。
    She was always treating him to ice cream
  • 不要把我当小孩看待。
    Don't treat me as [ like] a child.
  • 她深爱帕迪,但他对她却并不好。
    She adored Paddy but he didn't treat her well
  • 关节炎的新疗法可能是止痛药之外的另一种选择。
    New ways to treat arthritis may provide an alternative to painkillers.
  • 我们没有人知道该如何对待她。
    None of us knew how to treat her.
  • 医生拒绝对她进行治疗,声称她的问题完全是心理作用引起的。
    Doctors refused to treat her, claiming that her problems were all psychosomatic.
  • 这是全年都能享受到的款待。
    It's a treat to be enjoyed all the year round.
  • 医生用阿司匹林为她治疗。
    Doctors treated her with aspirin
  • 莱蒂每次从城里回来都必定会给他带点特别的礼物。
    Lettie had never yet failed to return from town without some special treat for him.
  • 杏会非常好吃。
    The apricots would go down a treat.
  • 没人知道如何治疗这种可怕的疾病。
    No one knew how to treat this dreaded disease.
  • 很多年以后这个城市才开始处理污水。
    It was many years before the city began to treat its sewage.
  • 医生们采用他们认为对她最有利的方法为她治疗是合法的。
    It was lawful for the doctors to treat her in whatever way they considered was in her best interests
  • 治疗这种流血的最好方法就是牢牢将伤口压住。
    The best way to treat such bleeding is to apply firm pressure.
  • 你太看轻这件事了。
    You treat the matter too lightly.
  • 学校力求对每一个学生因材施教,帮助他们充分发挥其潜力。
    The school strives to treat pupils as individuals and to help each one to achieve their full potential
  • 这些问题应该分别对待。
    The issues should be treated separately.
  • 多伦多的黑人群体中有很多人觉得司法制度对待他们有失公正。
    Many in Toronto's black community feel that the justice system does not treat them fairly
  • 他们对这项体育运动了如指掌,我们也给予了他们应有的尊重。
    They know the sport inside out, and we treat them with the respect they deserve
  • 我希望选民们给予其建议应有的鄙视。
    I hope voters will treat his advice with the contempt it deserves.