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n. 轨迹;轨道线(trajectory的复数形式)
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Trajectories - 轨迹,轨道线,轨迹线
Trajectories Toggle - 轨迹标记
rocket trajectories - 火箭弹道,火箭轨道,火箭弹弹道
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轨道, 轨线, 弹道
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Bilingual sentences

  • 不仅是因为他发现了三大运动定律和万有引力定律,构想出至今仍在被沿用来计算火星运行轨迹的方程式;
    Not only did he hammer out the universal laws of motion and gravitational attraction, formulating equations that are still used today to plot the trajectories of space rovers bound for Mars;
  • 在他的书中,他描绘的变革是沿着线性发散轨迹运动的。
    In his book, he describes transformations that move along linear, projectable trajectories.
  • 该球备受球员与教练指责,称其轨迹非常诡异。
    It is the official ball of the World Cup, but has been criticized by many players and coaches for odd trajectories.
  • 也许,牛顿的万有引力定律,这个描述它们的轨道运行状态的定律,大概是疲倦了,需要大修了。
    Maybe Newton’s law of gravitation, the law that describes how their trajectories should be playing out, is in need of an overhaul.
  • 那么猴子和球之间的距离,是多少-,两条轨迹间的距离-,一条轨迹忽略重力,另一条则相反?
    So what now is the distance - between the monkey and the golf ball-- - the distance between the two trajectories-- one trajectory, no gravity;the other with gravity?
  • “这些轨迹线都呈现出不可思议的平滑状态,”他说。
    "It's really amazing how smooth these trajectories are, " he says.
  • 教育、收入、健康和就业状况都对自尊心的发展轨迹有着影响,特别是人们的年龄
    Education, income, health and employment status all had some effect on the self-esteem trajectories, especially as people aged.
  • 危机也使大型发达经济体和迅速增长的新兴经济体的发展轨迹产生日益扩大的差距。
    And it has left a growing gap between the growth trajectories of the large developed economies and the rapidly growing emerging economies.
  • 我们也很清楚的另一点则是,一个人的智力发展轨迹是很难得到扭转的,而人的IQ水平从其青少年以后就再也不会有什么变化。
    We also know that the trajectories of mental development are not easily deflected.
  • 气温的变化如此,气旋轨迹和降雨模式亦是如此。
    Temperature changes show similar patterns, as do cyclone trajectories and rainfall patterns.
  • 他们把各种大小的轴承球扔进鱼缸,观察小球在圆柱状乐高钉周围的运动轨迹。
    Then they dropped various-size ball bearings into the tank and watched the balls' trajectories around the pegs.
  • 他们把各种大小的轴承球扔进鱼缸,观察小球在圆柱状乐高钉周围的运动轨迹。
    They dropped various-size ball bearings into the tank and watched the balls' trajectories around the pegs.
  • 通过分解复杂运动,我可以有非常成功地,可以分析它的轨迹。
    We will, with great success, analyze these trajectories by decomposing this very complicated motion.
  • 此外,行走使得铜绿假单胞菌能够沿着最佳的组织表面探索轨迹移动,以至于它们能够更加有效地搜索并适应组织的表面。
    What's more, walking allows P. aeruginosa to move with trajectories optimized for surface exploration, so that they can forage more effectively.
  • 作为改变的个体,我们只能合理地对他们的发展轨迹提出意见。
    As changing entities, we can only legitimately criticize their trajectories.