thumbs down

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Dictionary explanation
vt. 拇指向下;责备
Web explanation
thumbs down - 拇指向下,大拇指朝下,表示不满反对
Thumbs UpThumbs Down - 拇指朝上和拇指朝下
thumbs-down - 责备,不喜欢,拇指手势
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反对; 责备
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Bilingual sentences

  • 五点四白,用双手拇指端先按后揉30次,拇指指腹向下出力,但不宜用力过大。
    Five white, with both hands thumb to press knead 30 times, thumbs down output, but not excessive force.
  • 恐怕你的新建议是行不通了。
    I'm afraid it's thumbs down for your new proposal.
  • 这些立法委员并加上自己的「大拇指向下比」的标志,以显示他们的不满。
    The legislators added their own "thumbs down" sign to show their displeasure.
  • 主要的“大拇指朝下”对我来说是不存在旅游服务汽车旅馆内的位置。
    The main "thumbs down" for me was that there was no tour assistance located within the motel.
  • 报纸对这部新电影的评价很低。
    The press give the new film the thumbs down.
  • 至于播出哪个版本,还得取决于观众的呼声。
    Which one was shown depended upon whether the audience gave a “ thumbs up ” or “ thumbs down ”.
  • 尽管很清楚你可能会遭到拒绝,你还是孤注一掷勇敢一试,这需要很大的勇气。
    It takes a lot of courage to put your ego on the line and shoot for something, knowing full well it might get the thumbs down.
  • 刚才说到,竖起大拇指,表示对,或好。
    "Thumbs down" means "no" or "bad".
  • 拇指朝上还是朝下?
    Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?
  • 首先他会给出一个总体的肯定或否定以表明影片是否值得推荐。
    First, he gives a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to indicate whether he recommends people go see the movie.
  • 但是一旦穿上了晚装——我只有把大拇指朝下了。
    Yes, on the beach she might look fabulous, but in the evening dress—big thumbs down!
  • 虽然我最喜欢和最多使用福昕阅读器,但是我还是要指责它的接口,因为它的状态栏的奇怪默认遗漏(页面布局,页面数量和导航)。
    While I love and use Foxit Reader the most, I give its interface the thumbs down for its strange default omission of the status bar (page layout, page number and navigation).
  • 手出水时,大拇指朝下,或者说小手指领先出水。
    As they come out, they come out thumbs down, or they come out little finger first.
  • 大家都反对这项建议。
    Everybody turned thumbs down on the suggestion.
  • 委员会否决了他的建议。
    The committee turned thumbs down on his proposal.
  • 在一个小型的公决中,超过百分之九十的选民对里斯本条约坚定的投了反对票,并希望举行全国性的全民公决。
    In a recent series of minireferendums, almost 90 percent of voters gave the Lisbon Treaty an emphatic thumbs down and demanded a nationwide referendum.
  • 我曾经教过她使用 “大拇指朝上” 和 “大拇指朝下” 的评级系统 à la Ebert 和 Roeper。
    I've taught her to use the "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" rating system à la Ebert and Roeper.
  • 纠正的方法之一:拇指要保持在离水面很近的位置。
    (One of the ways )to correct that: Keep the thumbs down low to the water.
  • 但事实上,卡斯尔只拍摄了观众反对的版本。
    But the truth is Castle only ever filmed the “ thumbs down ” version.
  • 但是参加最高教会会议的主教以及神职人员坚决反对为了让神父们穿着更随意而修订教会法规。
    But bishops and clergy in the church's General Synod gave a resounding thumbs down to proposals to amend church law to allow ministers to dress more casually.
  • 保持大拇指朝下的姿势,直到手与肩齐为止。
    Keep the thumbs down till they get to be even with your shoulders.