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through the day - 一整天,度过每一天,通过一天
Laughing through the day - 大笑过一天
Looking Through The Day - 回首走过日子
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Bilingual sentences

  • 她需要这药,没有它她几乎无法入睡,而且早上不吃大剂量的药,她没法度过一整天,有时在下午她也吃一点。
    She needed this medication; she could not sleep without taking it, and could not get through the day without taking a large dose in the mornings, and sometimes a smaller dose in the afternoons.
  • 很快,我的工作成果得到了提高并且在一天里工作的时间花费得越来越少。
    Quickly my results improved and the time it took to work through the day became less and less.
  • 具体来说,清晨思维似乎特别适合通过提前一天和鼓舞人心的孩子一起生活最深层的价值观保持一致。
    Specifically, the early morning seems particularly suited to thinking through the day ahead and inspiring children to live consistently with their deepest values.
  • 阅读是第一选择,阅读可将你的注意力集中在一样东西上,代替白天的活动;
    Reading can help by focusing your mind on only one thing, instead of racing through the day's activities.
  • 鸡蛋中丰富的蛋白质和培根中充分的油脂混合在一起为你的一天提供充分的能量。
    The protein of the eggs and the grease of the bacon form a great mixture that powers you through the day.
  • 巴顿说道,“一天过去一半了,我唯一能联系上她的方法只能是通过推特网了。”
    So halfway through the day, the only way I could get in touch with her really was through Twitter.
  • 其结果是他们购买那些营养补充剂,并严格控制自己的饮食,每天因为饥饿而没有丝毫活力。
    They end up buying the supplement and being on a strict diet and they end up starving themselves while having no energy through the day.
  • 你是否在办公室里埋头苦干了一整天呢?
    Do you plod through the day at the office?
  • 这个地区的许多人早上醒来,除了过完这一天几乎没什么期望,或许他们希望他们的运气会改变。
    Too many in the region wake up with few expectations other than making it through the day, and perhaps the hope that their luck will change.
  • 电脑瑜伽就是办公室人员和作家如何整天保持精力充沛的秘密;理论上,每天练习电脑瑜伽将帮助你在每天的日常工作中保持良好的精神状态。
    Computer yoga is the office worker's and writer's answer to remaining positive through the day; ideally, practicing computer yoga daily will help you to remain positive throughout your daily routine.
  • 我认为,在为了打破任何形式的玻璃天花板,或者只是为了熬过一天,你必须成为不为日常冷淡所影响 这是任何工作都需要的。
    I think that in order to break through any kind of glass ceiling, or simply to get through the day, you have to become impervious to the daily gruffness that’s a part of any job.
  • 食物挑剔者知道食物不单单只是为了满足你一天的食用需要,它们更是一种品尝﹑优雅﹑全球精神的表达。
    Food snobs know that food isn't simply fuel to get you through the day: It's an expression of taste, refinement, and global consciousness.
  • 如果现在对生活不满,或身体感觉不自在,然后,在情绪和压力下,一直大吃大喝,或者沉溺别的事情,这方法奏效,能让人熬过一天。
    If you are currently not feeling good inside your life or your body, then certainly, continuing with emotional or stress eating, or some other addiction, is one valid choice to get through the day.
  • 如果你是这样一类人——每天如果没有喝上咖啡喝茶就会浑身不自在,其实这不单只是个人喜好这麽简单。
    If you struggle to get through the day without a constant supply of coffee or tea, it may be down to more than just personal taste.
  • 那么白天他会情不自禁的想着你,事实上他可能一整天都在想你。
    They won’t be able to go through the day without thinking about you. Infact they most likely will be thinking about you all day.
  • 我有一段时间就这样,煎熬着过完一整天,没有精力解决任何问题。
    I’ve had days like this, when I’m struggling through the day and don’t have the energy to tackle anything that matters.
  • 有了香烟,我这一天才熬得过去。
    Cigarettes get me through the day.
  • 一整天谣传不断,难以辨别准确消息。
    Rumor chased accurate information through the day.
  • 通过这种方法,我也能在一天中将那些非特定时间的历史事件分隔开来,好让粉丝们不被无关的冗余信息所淹没”。
    It also lets me space non-time-specific events out through the day, so as not to overwhelm people with a massive dump of information”.
  • 为了使香味能持续一天,数十甚至数百样成分被用于香水中,这样,香水才能像花一样散发芬芳。
    In order for a perfume to last all through the day, tens or still hundreds of components are used because the perfume carries on to ‘blossom’.