threshold voltage

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Dictionary explanation
[电子] 阈值电压;[电子] 阈电压
Web explanation
Threshold voltage - 阈值电压,阈值电压,阈电压
threshold value voltage - 阈值电压
threshold-voltage - 阙值电压,阙值电压,阈电压
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Bilingual sentences

  • SOI(绝缘体上硅)器件在总剂量辐照下的主要性能退化是由于SOI器件的背栅阈值电压漂移引起的背沟道漏电。
    The primary performance degradation of SOI device in the total dose irradiation is the back-channel leakage current caused by gate threshold voltage shift.
  • 推导了了一个短沟道MOST阈值电压温度系数表达式;
    We deduced a expressions for threshold voltage temperature coefficient of short channel MOST.
  • 实验结果表明:分离越严重,来流速度越大,有效抑制翼型失速分离的阈值电压越大;
    Experimental results indicate that the threshold voltage becomes higher as the inflow velocity becomes higher and the flow separation becomes more serious.
  • 也研究了在此气压范围内火花室阈值电压与气压和间隙宽度的关系。
    The dependence of the threshold voltage on pressure, gap widths has also been studied in the same range.
  • 在脉冲应力下,阈值电压和跨导的退化增强。
    Enhanced degradation appears in both threshold voltage and transconductance under pulse stress.
  • 为了能够准确地进行频率的测量,因此在硬件电路方面设计了一个具有施密特特型的可变门限的电压比较器。
    In order to measure frequency accurately, on hardware circuit design a Smite variable threshold voltage comparer is used.
  • 分析了该电路的阈值电压随辐射剂量率的变化关系。
    The threshold voltage's shift versus the dose rate was analyzed on this device.
  • 除此之外,由于强烈的闸极耦合效应,在分离的上闸极加上适当的偏压,便可精确地调控临限电压。
    In addition, the threshold voltage is capable of being finely tuned with a proper gate bias.
  • 计算了MOSFET阈电压与辐射剂量率之间的关系。
    Deduced has been a relationship between the threshold voltage of MOSFET and the radiation dose rate.
  • 通过对自产生的基准电压进行温度补偿确保了锁定阈值电压和迟滞量稳定。
    The temperature compensated reference voltage stabilizes the lockout threshold voltage and hysteresis quality.
  • 提出了一种简化的全耗尽SOI MOSFET阈值电压解析模型。
    A simplified threshold voltage model of fully depleted SOI MOSFET is proposed.
  • 它的功能是当感应到输入电压界限时提供一个锁存开关,通过外部时钟信号完成复位。
    Its function is to provide a latching switch action upon sensing an input threshold voltage, with reset accomplished by an external clock signal.