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Dictionary explanation
n. 谢谢(只用复数)
int. 谢谢
Web explanation
thanks - 谢谢,感谢,致谢
Thanks - 感谢
Many thanks - 多谢,非常感谢,千恩万谢
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感谢 / 由于
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感谢, 道谢
谢谢, 感谢
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Bilingual sentences

  • 她微笑着致了谢,把胳膊下面的吉他调整了一下。
    She smiled her thanks and arranged the guitar under her arm.
  • 感谢上帝赐给我们食物。
    We give thanks for this food.
  • 警官,谢谢您的帮助。
    Thanks for your help, Constable.
  • 你说得对,领教,领教!
    You're quite right Thanks for your advice.
  • 早上好!见到你真高兴,感谢你和我们共度这个周末。
    Good morning. Nice to meet you and thanks for being with us this weekend
  • 她最后彬彬有礼地致谢,结束了讲话。
    She closed with a gracious speech of thanks.
  • 谢谢,我实在吃不下了。
    Thanks, but I really can't eat any more.; Thanks, I've really had enough.
  • 太感谢你了。
    Thanks a lot.; Thank you ever so much.
  • 多亏近来的研究才有了有效的疗法。
    Thanks to recent research, effective treatments are available.
  • 感谢不列颠骨疗法学校允许我使用他们的藏书。
    My thanks go to the British School of Osteopathy, for the use of their library.
  • 我要衷心地感谢乔伊斯·汤普森先生,他严谨而卓著的研究给予了我极大的帮助。
    I owe a debt of thanks to Joyce Thompson, whose careful and able research was of great help
  • 谢谢你的建议和鼓励。
    Thanks for your advice and encouragement.
  • 谢谢,不过我想我自己能应付。
    Thanks, but I think I can handle it
  • “那件衣服很好看,”迈克尔说。“谢谢,”她严肃地回答。
    'That's a nice dress,' said Michael. 'Thanks,' she replied solemnly
  • 他嘟哝着道了谢。
    He grunted his thanks.
  • 多亏了那份工作我才成了一个喜欢阅读的人。
    Thanks to that job I became an avid reader
  • 我提议对我们的主人表示感谢。
    I would like to propose a vote of thanks to our host.
  • 我想对所有的志愿者致以衷心的谢意。
    I should like to extend my grateful thanks to all the volunteers.
  • 多亏了一些热心公益的市民,克里彭多夫花园才得以保留了下来。
    Thanks to a group of public-spirited citizens, the Krippendorf garden has been preserved.
  • “谢了,朋友,”他说着就把钱划拉进了口袋。
    'Thanks friend,' he said, while sweeping the money into his pocket.
  • 亏得你们帮忙,我们才提前完成了任务。
    Thanks to your help, we accomplished the task ahead of schedule.
  • 谢谢提供这个信息。
    Thanks for the information
  • 谢了,哥们儿。我很感激。
    Thanks, lads. I appreciate it
  • 请允许我也向所有来信的人表示感谢。
    May I also say a word of thanks to all the people who sent letters.
  • 我想向医生们表达我最由衷的感谢。
    I would like to express my warmest thanks to the doctors.
  • 谢谢你,多偏劳了。
    Thanks for all your trouble.
  • 多谢了,苏兹。你太好了。
    Thanks a lot, Suzie. You've been great.