take this way

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take this way - 走这条路
People Take This Way - 人们采取这种方式
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Bilingual sentences

  • 有没有搞错啊,我完全不关心切尔西的。
    Don't take this the wrong way, but I am completely indifferent to Chelsea.
  • 我们走这条路吧。
    Let's take this way.
  • 罗斯, 不要用那种错误的方法, 过来帮忙。
    Ross , don ' t take this the wrong way or anything , but back off .
  • 听着,别误解了我的意思,但是像你这样一个拥有迷人脚踝的女孩,我一定会想办法让它们绽放异彩的。
    And listen, don't take this wrong way, but a girl like you, with those darling little ankles, I'd find a way to make them sing.
  • 是的,沿着这条路走,你可以在你的右边找到它。
    Yes, take this way. You can find it on your right.
  • 但千万不要认为手势界面总是比其他类型的界面表现的更好。
    Don't take this the wrong way: gestural interfaces aren't inherently better than other types of interface.
  • 但是我并不常走这条路。
    But I don't usually take this way.
  • 世上有不少的路,东西南北,长短宽狭,其中有一条,似乎是专留给青年们去摸索的,叫“出路”。
    Many roads, in all directions, long and short, narrow and wide present before us, of which only one way is left for the youth to feel and take and this way is called "make your way out".
  • 锌当你采取这种方式,你不使用它作为营养。
    When you take zinc this way, you are not using it as a nutrient.
  • 如果你用这个方法接受责怪,结果将比你预料地积极地多。
    If you take the blame this way, the results will be far more positive than you'd expect.
  • 我的确有点要误会她的意思。
    I did feel a little inclined to take this the wrong way.
  • 她一副不自在的样子说:“你不要多心,是你的名字问题,你的名字这样是不行的,我们得改,恐怕姓和名都得改?”
    She looked uncomfortable. "Don't take this the wrong way, but it's your name. It's just not right. We need to change it. Your first name and your surname, I'm afraid."
  • 你用这种方式来诋毁帕奎奥,实在是太可笑了!
    Funny how you take this as a way to pick on Pac.
  • 当然,你的苏格兰之旅未必会取行此道,但不管你去何方,你肯定都会乐在其中。
    Of course your journey through Scotland may not take you this way, but wherever you go you're in for a treat.
  • 你别误会,我无意冒犯,可是你不觉得自己该理发了吗?。
    Don't take this the wrong way, but don't you think you should get your hair cut?
  • Don't take THIS the wrong way, 可你怎么越说我越糊涂啊。
    They may also take this the wrong way.
  • 告诉你什么才是我真正找到的,可别想歪了哦…
    Tell you what l did find, though, and don't take this the wrong way
  • “你必须走这条路,”丈夫领着妻子绕过沟回到家中。
    "You must take this way, " the man led his wife walking round the ditch and got to their house.
  • 这种方式不常见,一般风险资本家和天使投资人可能采取这种方式,一次投入后,很难也不愿提供后续资金支持。
    This way is not common, venture capitalists and angel investors may take this way, after a hard, also is not willing to provide follow-up financing.
  • 请不要误会。
    Please don't take this the wrong way.